October 21, 2021

Harvard Study: Yes, Illegals Help Get Democrats Elected

“Turned the tide” for Democrats in 2008

A new study of voter fraud by Harvard’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study confirmed the findings of Judicial Watch on the role illegal immigrants have played in recent elections. The study found that enough non-citizens voted in 2008 to potentially “turn the tide” in favor of the Democrats.

Though the Harvard study was originally designed to dispel claims of widespread voter fraud, the results proved otherwise. Not only did a “significant number” of voters vote illegally, CCES found that they overwhelmingly voted Democrat, with Obama winning “more than 80 percent of the non-citizen vote.” The Examiner reports:

A significant number of voters who were not citizens cast illegal ballots in U.S. elections and the possibility exists that those unlawful ballots helped President Barack Obama to win the election in 2008, according to two public-interest organizations, one of which is located on the campus of the left-leaning Harvard University campus. While the study was originally aimed at dispelling claims of significant voter fraud, it surprisingly confirms that elections are in some cases being stolen. […]

The study, as analyzed by Judicial Watch was conducted by the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) group at Harvard , and was an academic project involving teams of researchers located throughout the United States. The CCES findings support the allegations that enough illegal votes were cast in 2008 to turn the tide in close races to favor Democratic candidates and provide them with victories. As far as Obama, CCES researchers claims that, based on their samples, he “won more than 80 percent of the non-citizen vote.”

The study’s findings fall in line with a recent audit by the State Board of Elections for North Carolina which found that out of the 10,000 voter citizenship cases they looked into, over 14% were “likely non-citizens.”