October 21, 2021

In Chicago, a Voting Machine Was Pre-Wired… to Vote for DEMOCRATS ONLY!


Any student of American politics is familiar with just how corrupt politics are in Chicago, Illinois. It is widely believed, for example, that without the mafia’s influence in the area, John F. Kennedy would have never been elected President.

But today, voter fraud has to be done on a high-tech, digital level. Because computers can be reprogrammed, learning about a machine that REQUIRES you to vote for Democrats is chilling.

Below is Republican State House candidate Jim Moynihan’s description of what it was like trying to vote for himself in early elections… Only to see the final vote be placed for his Democratic opponent:

While using a touch screen voting machine in Schaumburg, Moynihan voted for several races on the ballot, only to find that whenever he voted for a Republican candidate, the machine registered the vote for a Democrat in the same race. He notified the election judge at his polling place and demonstrated that it continued to cast a vote for the opposing candidate’s party. Moynihan was eventually allowed to vote for Republican candidates, including his own race.

Via EAG News

As votes become digital, the threat of high-tech illegal vote rigging is very serious. And while this is only one isolated incident, entire documentaries have been made about how easily reprogrammed Diebold voting machines are.

Let this be a reminder on election day… Pay VERY CLOSE attention to the paper printout of your voting machines. The 2014 elections are too important to allow Democrats to steal it.