October 25, 2021

NRA Loses Love For Charlie Crist and Gives Him a “D” Rating

charlie and obamaThe once hardcore “Conservative Republican” and staunch supporter of the National Rifle Association, Democrat Charlie Crist, has received a “D” rating from the national gun rights organization that once gave him their full-throated endorsement.

While Crist was a Republican, and being in favor of the Second Amendment to the Constitution was just about mandatory for any politician running for office on the conservative platform, Charlie Chameleon received the NRA’s highest rating marks, helping him solidify many grassroots Republican votes during his run for Attorney General, and then for Governor.

The NRA’s Political Victory Fund has given Crist a ‘D’ rating, while giving his Democrat gubernatorial opponent Nan Rich, a big fat ‘F.’

Let’s go back to 2013, when the Democrat Progressive Caucus ripped into Crist for gun rights epiphany he seems to have had, which seems to influenced the former governor’s support in favor of gun control.

* Charlie Crist’s support of the NRA did not waiver during his 20-year career in the GOP. It has only appeared to “evolve” with his change of party identification.

“Crist’s record contrasts starkly with those of Rich and Sink. It’s alarming that Governor Crist walked in lockstep with the NRA, even as their positions became more and more extreme,” said Smith. “He routinely picked up an A rating from the NRA and accused political rivals of being soft on Second Amendment gun rights.”

 The report compares the candidates’ positions and voting records on guns, including such controversial issues as Docs vs. Glocks (the measure, thrown out by the courts, barred pediatricians from inquiring about guns in the home), preemption of local gun safety ordinances and keeping guns stored in parked cars at the workplace.-Miami Herald

 Could we expect Crist to change his mind on gun control, if the polls show that he needs the gun lobby’s support to win in November?