October 22, 2021

SPITTING MAD…! Life after FL Amendment 1

While campaigning, I listened to Floridians describe their thoughts and percecptions regarding FL Amendment 1. It was quite disheartening to hear all of the misinformation regarding this amendment. When you learn what FL Amendment 1 is really about, I’m pretty sure…


Most people actually thought this amendment was about CONSERVATION, specifically WATER conservation.
It is NOT!! It IS about:

A MASSIVE Redistribution of Florida Tax Dollars to Environmental Groups that have already-bloated budgets and work with the United Nations.

You thought FL Amendment 1 is about SAVING WATER for Florida.

How can I say that? Just go to their web sites. You can find the list here:


These NGO’s (Non Government Agencies and Non-Profits) proudly display their partnership with the United Nations (UN) under their desire to be Sustainable. But exactly what does that mean? No one seems to know, yet it is a word thrown around quite often.

What does the UN think about private property?

Read their words in the UN Habitat Preamble Section D regarding LAND:

“Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.

Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.

Social justice, urban renewal and development, the provision of decent dwellings-and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole.”

The UN environmentalists believe that 80% of Florida must be under their
conservation. Private land ownership is off the table…NOT an option!

Basically, “SUSTAINABILITY” means that you can’t touch any natural resource for fear that you will “use it up” for the next generation. That, of course, does not make sense. While you are being told to do without, the Elite flaunt their extravgant lifestyles…Which they made off of YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

Yet, compliments of the media, What do we see?
• Photos of Americans living in forests, cars, and tents
• Tent cities our homeless citizens live in
YOU are told that a 700 sq ft apartment is BEST for you and you family.
YOU must Downsize, YOU must use less Resources! CONSERVE! RE— — — USE! Reduce YOUR Carbon Footprint! Don’t Drive! Ride a Bicycle, Walk!

…FLIP the channel, and then view the lifestyles of the rich & famous, the fancy mansions, cars, and trips…of Al Gore, Bill Gates, The Clintons, etc.

Do not misunderstand. No one cares how the Elite live.

What we DO care about is that they have regulated our businesses out of existence – so there is NO COMPETITION.

The Elite then get their uber-rich lifestyles and mansions…at OUR EXPENSE.

To Enjoy & Live a Grand Lifestyle!
(that’s why it’s called the Priviledged Life…YOU get the “Privilege” of supporting the Elite…for your entire life!!!)

(Are you Spitting Mad, yet?)

FL Amendment 1 – is then ONE of the TOOLS used to regulate YOU…OFF OF YOUR OWN LAND!

(Right now, I’m so mad I could just…SPIT!)

Will large Developers who got grants (your tax dollars) to develop land – now get your tax dollars…NOT to develop land? That’s a nice gig. The developer gets the land free-of-charge and then is paid not to develop the same land. Where do I sign up for that program?

Conservation is also a tool to take your money for their salaries and overhead. If we told them tax dollars could not be used for salary and overhead, how long do you think anyone will last?

Let’s take WATER, for example… At a Water Management District (WMD) meeting, the WMD was asked if the quality of the water improved since they took over the water…


Then exactly WHAT do they do?
WHY exactly are we paying them?
What exactly do they Manage?

WMD then told us about all of the land they own. They forget where they got the money to buy that land. The WMD gets money from the taxpayer, to BUY LAND.

WMD LAND then comes off the tax rolls (YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP!) and LAND goes into a Conservation Program (over 40% of Florida is locked into some conservation scheme.)

If people want to use the land they must now get a permit, and in some cases, even pay additional fees.
To summarize:
Floridians PAID for the land – which is no longer taxable!!

(wait for it, wait…SPIT!)

Municipalities lose money and services. Municipalities raise taxes. Floridians pay higher taxes and are now limited in use of the land. Water quality is not a concern. This is Not logical.

Think of all that money…!

Florida does not have a water shortage problem, Florida has a water storage problem. Will that be addressed? NO! Florida is a peninsula – 3 sides touch water:
• If there was a shortage concern, wouldn’t it be smart to work on Desalinization Programs?
• If the water quality which no one checks is poor, then wouldn’t it be smart to work on NATURAL FILTERS…like HEMP?
No folks, Hemp is not marijuana. HEMP is a natural filter and a very versatile crop highly used in industry. Florida is the largest importer of HEMP in the US. Why are our farmers starving…when they could be growing HEMP?

Because it is not about the water or its quality.
It is about MONEY!

(wait for it, wait, wait….SPIT!)

HEMP is on the NO GROW list from the 1930’s and needs to be revisited – as the lies about HEMP are exposed. If small farmers grew HEMP, which large corporations will be affected?


There are many solutions for the “water problems” in Florida that do not require restricted land and water use, meters on private wells, rain water taxes, or giving large sums of money to conservation groups without oversight.

They make rules with penalties (unconstitutional as Article 4 Section 4 states we are guaranteed representatives to make law, not unelected officials)

If unchecked, eventually…
WE WILL LOSE our right to own private property!
(the UN wants 80% of Florida under conservation).

(Don’t hold back, just do it!…HUMUNGOUS SPIT!)

Don’t just get Spitting Mad…
YOU CAN do something!

Unless the people use their voice…
The Republicans now have the majority. For the last 3 years we have been trying to get a bill passed to protect our private property. Only a handful of legislators stood for the people!

Action Plan for Amendment 1: A bill is needed to protect private property against warrantless attacks by conservation groups.

Your Job: Follow up with YOUR Legislators. They all made promises in order to get elected, now it is time to see if they really represent you. Hold their feet to the Fire!

(But, remember…there is No Spitting allowed on the Floor!)