October 21, 2021

Israeli Officials: Obama Gave Iran ’80 Percent of What They Want’ at Nuke Talks

iran nukesThe Obama administration has reportedly agreed to most of Tehran’s demands in talks on Iran’s nuclear program, according to Israeli officials.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli officials disclosed the news to an Israeli news channel on Friday, which reported that the Obama administration “has given the Iranians 80 percent of what they want” in the negotiations.

Israeli officials are said to be irate that the United States would agree to a deal that would leave Iran in the position of being close to making its own nuclear weapon, the Post reported.

The deadline for the framework of the deal is June, but March 24 is the deadline for the framework of the agreement to be in place.

March 24 is also the same day 10 Senate Democrats have said they will sign onto a sanctions bill against Iran, if no deal is met.

The Iranians were given the extension in November 2014.

Iranian officials heralded the extension as a “surrender” by the United States.