October 22, 2021

Less than 1 hour into new Congress, Barack ‘work together’ Obama issues Keystone veto threat.

obama laughing2Bipartisan cooperation.

One of the first orders of business in both the House and Senate is a dueling pair of GOP-sponsored bills designed to fast track the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. If you thought this was going to be the first example of the Obama Administration’s oh-so-honest desire to work with the new Republican majority, think again. The new Congress may be less than an hour old, but the President has already issued a veto threat.

Despite the fact that the pipeline is popular on both sides of the aisle, and in defiance of the fact that virtually no one has come up with a logical reason not to build it, the President has decided that it’s just too terrible a step to take.

We’re sure that the financial support of radical left-wing enviro billionaires like Tom Steyer has nothing to do with it:

During the 2014 midterm elections, no one spent political cash like Tom Steyer, the Democratic hedge fund billionaire from San Francisco who has tried to make climate change a paramount issue in American politics.

He dropped more than $74 million into congressional and gubernatorial campaigns, almost three times the $27.7 million spent by the second-biggest individual donor, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So much for a new era of cooperation.