October 27, 2021

BREAKING: OBAMA, Christians Are Just Like Islamic Radicals Who Burn People Alive

BREAKING: OBAMA, Christians Are Just Like Islamic Radicals Who Burn People Alive

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Obama compares Christians to ISIS at this morning’s Prayer Breakfast.

With every new choreographed atrocity committed by ISIS or other Mohammed-emulating murderers carrying out the dictates of Islamic scriptures, Obama mumbles a few meaningless bromides for the cameras, proclaims the savages to be misunderstood, then promptly jives off for yet more rounds of golfing, fundraising, and hip-hop media appearances, strategy sessions with Sharpton and CAIR, or plotting his basketball brackets.

He just doesn’t give a rip about doing his actual primary job, and he utterly refuses to acknowledge or aggressively confront the nature of the glaring threat itself.

Obama made the deliberate choice to just abandon all the excruciatingly difficult and costly work, unfathomable sacrifices, and amazing successes that our personnel and allies achieved over many years to liberate and stabilize Iraq.  Against the pleas and stern warnings of the competent generals he shoved aside, Obama disdainfully ditched the status-of-forces negotiation process with the new Iraqi government, so he could fulfill his leftist democrat dream of simply buggering-out.

A realistic status-of-forces situation would have protected the population and preserved the hard-won peace in that region.  Obama is responsible for leaving the power-vacuum into which ISIS eagerly rushed.

As for the official claim about some alleged vast number of airstrikes made against ISIS by the Obama administration, I have about as much trust in whatever statements are made by this political perversion of what used to be our Department of Defense as I do the laughably bogus unemployment figures pushed by the Department of Labor, claims about immigration enforcement, or the criminally fraudulent pitches made for Obamacare.

If Obama has been supposedly striking at ISIS so resolutely, how is it they’re still snapping up and controlling more and more territory, while pushing the entire world’s buttons with repeated, slickly-produced, horrific snuff videos?

Suppose for a minute that a huge chunk of the Middle East was being brutally overrun and terrorized not by the swarthy Arab thugs of the Islamic State — just suppose instead that it was marauding palefaces doing the same thing, only in the name of defending Christians and advancing Christianity.

In that case, do you think for one second that Obama would have any problem at all publicly identifying the threat in accordance with its own professed ideology?

Of course he wouldn’t — Obama and his kind would dwell on how such cruel and heinous bullies closely resembled the ancient Inquisitions and Crusades!  Obama would enthusiastically point to and denounce parts of Old Testament scripture as blameworthy for motivating the apparent holy war.  He’d also eagerly attend every single intelligence briefing with hawkish alertness and interest, and he’d not sleep, party, fund-raise, nor golf until every last element of the offending opposition was deader than donkey droppings.

Barack Hussein Obama would go all-in against an army of purportedly Christian soldiers if (as if!) they did anything close to what ISIS does.

That’s arguably because Obama — as Jeremiah Wright went on record saying about him — is still a Muslim.  Here’s Obama on video, mocking and attacking Christianity & The Bible:

Furthermore, coming from multiple-Muslim natal and adoptive patrilineage, and raised partly in an Indonesianmadrassa, Obama would know (even if only subconsciously, from his early training) that one of the key duties of a Muslim is to practice taqiyya and kitman — to lie and obfuscate in order to run cover for Islam.

That would help explain Obama’s refusal to publicly admit the true Mohammedan character of ISIS, of Al Qaeda, and of countless other Mohammed- and Koran-inspired terrorist movements and attacks around the globe.

Even if that’s a far-fetched analysis, let’s just say for the moment that Obama — despite his Islamic upbringing and his having been (for cynically political purposes) a member of Jeremiah Wright’s South Chicago palace of kill-whitey Marxist Black Liberation Theology for two decades — really has no ideological, spiritual allegiance to anything except atheistic “progressive” neo-socialism.

In that case, Obama’s stubborn defiance of any attempts to get him to ascribe actual Islamic qualities to the barbarians who quote the Koran and fly the flag of Islam is identical to that of his non-Muslim fellow leftists:  It’s not good Marxist revolutionary thinking to associate anything that goes against traditional Western civilization — such as Islam, transgenderism, or black mob violence against whites — with undesirability, nor to resolutely confront and fight it.

To Obama’s ilk, any alternative which helps undermine traditional Western civilization/Christianity, and the paradigm of American dominance, adds to their multicultural portfolio of “inclusiveness” and “tolerance,”(translation: bringing America and Europe down toward the level of the chaotic and impoverished third world) and therefore must not be eradicated.

ISIS is an asset in the Left’s product mix, and it furthers the larger aim of reducing American influence in the world.  As far as the Godless Left are concerned, the enemies of their enemy (their enemy being mainly conservative white Christians) must notbe exposed nor meaningfully opposed.  That is, unless when politically necessary they can get away with appearing to do so, yet not really do so.

So Obama and his agents don’t really want to accurately identify nor destroy the threat posed by ISIS.  But you can bet your sweet bippee that if somehow they suddenly saw former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson sporting a Knights of Templar cross in a YouTube video, with a new job as an executioner of jihadists in the jihadists’ own sandbox, it would be on like Donkey Kong from the situation room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.