October 16, 2021


Liberal teacher: Common Core like education system I saw in Soviet UnionOne can not be indoctrinated into something – unless the ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM is changed to eliminate freedom, liberty and individual ownership.  To Transform means to Destroy and Change.

When I taught school, I taught a class in eighth grade called Capitalism vs. Communism, where we made comparison charts, did role-playing, and had discussions – so that the students were well aware of the differences and could make informed decisions. To see a comparison chart go to:

Today, teaching Individualism and Capitalism is done only to point out their atrocities, while showing the virtues of Communism.  Students no longer possess the skill of critical thinking, because only Communism is taught.  America is missing and is not in the picture, unless parents and grandparents take the responsibility to STEP UP, and teach American virtues. You know:  Faith, Family, and Freedoms. 

Communists are Atheists.  Mmmm, Wonder why church attendance is DOWN?

Could it be because Common Core teaches God is Dead? Everything is connected!

“To exercise power costs effort and demands courage. That is why so many fail to assert Rights to which they are perfectly entitled – because a Right is a kind of Power but they are too lazy or too cowardly to exercise it.  The virtues which cloak these faults are called patience and forebarence.” – Freidrich Nietzsche. 

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900), was a German philosopher of the late 19th century who challenged the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality.  Although John Dewey (considered the father of ‘Modern Education’) and Nietzsche never met, their philosophies were identical – and are now the foundation of American indoctrination (education).  “God is dead” (German: “Gott ist tot” (help · info); also known as the death of God) is a widely-quoted statement by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.  The Nietzsche quote is in the content of the material our students now read.  

Common Core teaches:  God is DEAD. The clergy is allowing Common Core in church schools, just so they can get MONEY. Is the American clergy that stupid?  Selling out and giving up their flock for a few pieces of Silver? Then, they wonder why attendance is DOWN…?  

Americans, IF you want to do something…

STOP going to churches that teach Common Core.

The minute they say their church gets “Grant” or is “501c3”,

RUN…DO NOT WALK – out of that church!

Nietzsche and Dewey also challenged modern morality. Today, morality is just an afterthought. One just only has to view the behavior of the kids on Spring Break in Panama City Beach to know we have failed. Worse for the most part the media complies. Most are afraid to post an article like this.

For 3 generations, parents have been indoctrinated into believing the School should replace the Family.  Read Nietzsche’s quote again. Nietzsche and Dewey knew if they eliminate God and Rights, the people will become POWERLESS AND DEPENDENT.

And so, we have.

“It takes a Village.” 

Parents now believe if they are not “Sustainable”, the World will be destroyed and it will be their fault – therefore they must give their children to the School. 

Grants and regulations fueled by fear quiets the Church.  Allowing Human Secularism to become the favored religious belief has emptied the church. Fear of IRS (no church has ever lost its 501C3 nor can they) has left Pastors impotent. Political correctness, being the Silent Majority, and not discussing Politics and Religion…covered the rest.

Communism are atheists. They know that a human can only believe in one thought at a time. They know if they replace economy, energy, control, regulations with the pleasure of the moment the people will be so involved in pleasuring themselves, they will no longer be capable of thinking. Teaching SEX in K-6 is their way of replacing reality. What has happened during spring break is a direct example of a failed school system no longer valuing life.

There is NO understanding the big picture. Consequences of these concepts and teachings are never learned. Schools teach bullet/talking points – not substance. Students who can no longer read, write, or do simple math have no logical concept of the domino effect of their actions.

Not knowing history gives the false sense that there are NO CONSEQUENCES or ACCOUNTABILITY for one’s actions.  Just look at Baltimore…

The Proletariat (citizens) watched the Game 

while Rioters destroyed the City –

the Mainstream Media..covered a Dinner. 

I felt like a Roman watching the Gladiators, while the poor destroyed Rome; or the people that watched the Olympics, while the Jews went to the Death Camps. When you don’t know HISTORY, the more things change…the more they remain the same. And in the end, NOTHING has changed.  Fortunately, the remedy is simple:

Once you recognize the Purpose of Education is…


It’s TIME to STEP UP, ACT…and take back POWER and CONTROL:


1.DEMAND to see everything YOUR CHILD READS!
2. Homeschool – either at your home, or go to your church and ask the pastor to open some of those vacant buildings and reactivate a COMMON-CORE-FREE church school.  Parents can share in the homeschool responsibility.
3.  Since many of the parents are indoctrinated as well, it is up to the grandparents to have that hard conversation and get involved!
4.  Go to School Board meetings; get involved or RUN FOR OFFICE. Don’t worry about winning.  As a candidate, just by running – you get your message out.
5. If  only 10% of the parents took their kids out of school, you would see a HUGE CHANGE, immediately! Just look how crazy they get – when we OPT out!

Parents have the POWER. They just don’t know that they do, because they were trained to GIVE IT UP.

Don’t be fooled by CHOICE. Once the ESEA Bill is reauthorized, the local school boards will cease to exist. Charter Schools will not answer to local school boards. Money will follow the student. Money provided by the Feds and States will dictate school programs. There will be NO CHOICE. Call your Federal Legislator, NO WAY ESEA.

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Listen, ask questions, learn, share the information and act.

If not NOW, WHEN?  If not YOU, WHO?