October 16, 2021

Donald Trump and Planned Parenthood

images-22For the first time since launching his presidential bid, billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump declared his position on Planned Parenthood.

During a recent interview on CNN, Trump said: “Frankly, Planned Parenthood is like an abortion factory and should not be funded by the government.”

On the other hand, Trump referred in the following terms to the good and bad things about Planned Parenthood: “I know that many things are bad”, then he added, “I’m sure they do good things… We have to take care of women.”

Later, Donald Trump clarified his initial remarks saying: “While Planned Parenthood is engaging in the despicable practice of abortion, the organization should receive no taxpayer dollars.”

In other words, Trump seems to support the “good” things about Planned Parenthood, but not the “bad” things (specifically abortion). I agree with Donald Trump’s position on the need to provide healthcare for women, but his approach, although reasonable and fair, is neither feasible nor realistic.

Let’s be honest, the practice of abortion has been, is, and always will be key in the modus operandi of Planned Parenthood. To think that the organization would work exclusively for providing health care for women is simply an impossible dream.

Planned Parenthood performs almost one thousand abortions every day in the United States. In fact, the organization is the leading provider of abortion services in this country. Of the one million abortions done each year, Planned Parenthood is responsible for one third.

Lets also remember something basic, Planned Parenthood does not operate under the premise of good things or bad things like Trump describes it. Abortion, for this organization, is synonymous with “women’s health care.”

If Planned Parenthood suspends performing abortions, the “factory” as properly described by Donald Trump, would cease to exist. I doubt this will ever happen, at least as long as some politicians and interest groups are willing to consider abortion a part of health care.

Finally, let us not forget one important fact: Planned Parenthood was not created for the purpose of providing health care. This idea is simply something liberals have proclaimed in order to justify its existence. Health care was never the reason the founder of the organization, Margaret Sanger, had in mind.

I leave you with a famous quote from Margaret Sanger: “The marriage bed is the most degenerative influence on the social order. The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

These words clearly describe the purpose of the organization she created in 1942.