August 12, 2022

‘Clock Kid’ Pals Around With ‘Butcher Of Darfur’

But only a few days before hanging out with the President of the United States, Mohamed was paling around with another president of a country: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

While visiting Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, Mohamed and his father were special guests of al-Bashir at the Presidential Compound.

 Photographs of the three smiling, arms around one another, circulated the Internet. Disturbingly, al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes for allegedly ordering the genocide in Darfur that led to the deaths of at least 400,000 people during the last decade.

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Hassan al-Sufi, has twice run for the presidency of Sudan.

Ahmed has been tweeting his trip to the Middle East, calling Sudan “home.”

And going to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed tweeted while in Sudan, but did not tweet anything about his meeting with the “Butcher of Darfur.”

Source: The Daily Caller