“I’d like to show you something,” Brooks said to Clinton as she pulled out the stacks of emails.

CBS News livestream

In one pile, Brooks said, were emails that Clinton sent or received on Libya in 2011. In the other were emails she sent or received on Libya from early 2012 until the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack that left four Americans dead.

“There are 795 emails in this pile,” Brooks said of the first pile. “There are 67 emails in this pile in 2012. And I’m troubled by what I see here.”

Brooks said there were “daily updates” from Libya in the 2011 emails, but only a “handful” of emails on Benghazi were sent from her senior staff in 2012.

“We know from talking to your senior advisers that they knew…to send you important information,” she added. “I can only conclude by your own records that there was a lack in interest in Libya in 2012.”

Watch Clinton’s response below:

Source: The Blaze