The first Democrat presidential debate is in the books. And the winners are…

First, the winner on that stage was Bernie Sanders. Why? I understand sales. Sales is my life. I teach sales at events all over the world. The key to sales is energy, enthusiasm and authenticity. What I saw on that CNN stage in Las Vegas was four boring stiffs and one man of energy – Bernie Sanders. I predict polls will show that Americans responded to his energy.

The losers? The American people, capitalism and sanity.
Is he a socialist? Sure. But so are the others. Did you hear what they promised on that stage in Las Vegas? They all want to spend us into bankruptcy. They all want to spend, spend and spend some more. They all want to give everything away to everyone for free. They all want to redistribute wealth. But at least Bernie is an authentic socialist.

He is a true believer. He’s not preaching free stuff to everyone to buy votes. Bernie really believes in this stuff. He drinks the socialist Kool-Aid. Bernie sells his socialism with conviction. I’d have to check the pulses of the others to find out if they were alive.

Is Bernie a crackpot? Yes. Is he certifiably insane on many issues? Yes. But the guy with the most energy, enthusiasm, passion and LIFE wins every time. Energy is what seperates you from a crowd. Energy is what makes people stand up and take notice. Bernie got the attention of Democrats. Bernie will be the only one on the stage in Las Vegas that walks away smelling like a rose.

(L-R) Democratic presidential candidates Jim Webb, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee take part in presidential debate sponsored by CNN and Facebook at Wynn Las Vegas on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The five candidates are participating in the party's first presidential debate. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

But the overall winner was Joe Biden. He wins by default. Crazy Joe must have been watching with a big smile on his face. He can’t believe his luck drawing this crowd as his opponents. He can beat these five with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back.

Hillary Clinton is a crook. She will never be the nominee. Her scandals threaten to wipe out the entire Democrat party at a moment’s notice. Giving her the nomination is a disaster waiting to happen. Every Democrat with a brain knows it. They’ll never admit it out loud, but they know Hillary is dead-on-arrival. She must be replaced and quickly.

Bernie is literally a commie (by his own admission). He says Republicans should have to defend their support of capitalism. Can you imagine? Bernie literally thinks capitalism is a sin. He can’t possibly be the nominee. That leaves the other three on the stage. They are all pathetic, boring stiffs.

Only Joe Biden can save the Democratic Party. You can bet he’s getting his presidential announcement speech ready at this very moment. I wonder who he’ll steal it from?

The third and final winner was gold.

Did you really listen to these five Democrats? I took detailed notes. It was like a nuclear arms race to see who can spend more money and pile up more debt. These people are certifiably insane. Each one tried to top the others in how much stuff they can give away for free.

Democrats are no longer content to save Social Security. They want to expand it. They’re no longer content to save Medicare. They vow to expand it to everyone. They’re not content to save Obamacare. After Barack Obama passed it by swearing it would never go to illegal aliens, these clowns promised to expand it to illegal aliens. They want to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens. They want to make college free for everyone. They want to make $15 minimum wage the law. They aren’t content with the massive unaffordable regulations of Dodd-Frank. Hillary promised it was a “good start” and she’d expand it.

The nation is $18 trillion in debt and this new crop of Obama-wanna-bes promises to set new spending records. Democrats are in a nuclear debt race. Insanity rules. So if there is one winner that comes out of this debate, it is gold. My advice if you want to save yourself…buy gold, buy gold, and buy more gold. Throughout history gold protects against reckless irresponsible politicians and debt crisis.

That is the only solution I can think of to protect us from these madmen and women of the Democrat Party. The policies they are promising can only lead to economic collapse, dollar collapse, and what promises to be the worst debt crisis in world history. If any of these Democrats are elected, we’ll look back fondly on the Greece debt crisis as “the good old days.”

Those are the three clear-cut winners of the first Democrat presidential debate; Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and gold.

The losers? The American people, capitalism and sanity.

And that sound you just heard? That was the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

Source: The Blaze