October 24, 2021

The Constitution’s “Chosen People”

the framers2019 will mark the 4th century that blacks walked the soil of the territory that would evolve into the USA. For most of that 400 years blacks would, largely, be considered property and less than human. In spite of that, America’s culture, economy, politics and civilization would be greatly influenced by blacks and the “Peculiar Institution” of slavery; a fact that would inevitably lead to the Civil War where as many Americans would die as ALL other wars Americans were engaged in — COMBINED.

The USA is far from a perfect nation and her occupants are not a perfect people; but our founding documents, Constitution and living constitutional process (amendments) are Manna from Heaven for mankind. And what the Founding Fathers unleashed, this great American experiment, would become greater than themselves. It is a fixed document that gives a dynamic process to mankind to work out our kinks.

Earlier this year after, one might say that the last surrender of the Civil War was made. After the horrific Charleston massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, an Indian-American Governor, South Carolina’s first Black US Senator and the people of South Carolina removed the confederate battle flag from the statehouse premises. In two speeches that should be remembered for all time, State Rep. Jenny Horne, direct descendant of Jefferson Davis – Confederate States President and State Senator Paul Thurmond, son of Strom Thurmond made a plea to remove the flag (http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/confederate-flag-furor/jenny-horne-passionate-lawmaker-has-deep-south-carolina-roots-n389221). Shakespeare has not written a drama more profound than this real life manifestation of racial and constitutional reconciliation.

This redemptive American drama ironically comes at a time that our nation feels race relations are the worst they’ve been in more than a generation. That is why an initiative started last month, the Black Republican-Conservative Leadership alliance (http://www.newsmax.com/John-Gizzi/innis-blacks-rnc-steele/2015/09/15/id/691677/) is as much a moral imperative as it is political.

For too many years we have had one political party that is dominated by those that practice racially divisive/ race obsessed politics (Dems) as the other feebly apologizes for the false charges of racism. That’s why certain GOP presidential candidates feel compelled to elevate the Soros — Radical left-wing billionaire — funded Black Lives Matter campaign or honor Al Sharpton, instead of challenging them, as Dr. Ben Carson has done in his quiet, subtle way. In the months to come, the BRCL alliance will be giving desperate Republican and centrist Democrats a vehicle to reach out and connect with the silent majority within the black community. The silent black majority that asserted, in a recent Gallup poll that by 4 to1, they would prefer more police in their community, not less.

The silent black majority is concerned about the 200 to 300 blacks killed by police every year, but horrified by the exponentially larger number of blacks killed by other blacks; not to mention the hundreds of thousands black lives never born. This silent black majority asks, “Do all black lives really matter?”

They are concerned about the largely separate and very unequal public schools that they are forced to send their children to by a powerful left-wing cabal that includes Teacher’s Unions and the President of the United States. These frustrated black Americans and their Latino and Asian American brothers and sisters have been looking for a vehicle to be heard and I believe that election 2016, will unleash their voice.

The BRCL alliance will unveil the truth about our constitution and Republican Party. Remind our countrymen that the Republican Party was founded, like our nation, in liberty. It was founded to expand liberty to its black American brethren.

The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments (the Civil War Amendments) could just as easily be labeled the Black Bill of Rights. They were established specifically by Republicans to protect the hard won new citizenship of black Americans after hundreds of thousands gave their lives in the Civil War.

During that struggle, Lincoln said it best in December 1862, weeks before the Emancipation Proclamation would go into effect, “In giving freedom to the slave we assure it for the free, honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve (The Union). We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last best hope of Earth.”

We will reveal to them that the founding of Republican Parties throughout the old confederacy would be done by a coalition of black and white Republicans. Why the first blacks in local, state and national political office, including Congress and the Senate, would all be Republicans.

It is time for us Republicans to tell African-Americans and all Americans to come home. Come home to the party that was founded by your ancestors’ liberty.

We will clarify that Jim Crow Segregation was a betrayal of the constitution; a betrayal of more than 600,000 American lives (white, black, North and South) lost in our Civil War; a betrayal of the blood that would forever wash the stain of slavery from our constitution. And we will expose the fact that the racist system, Segregation, was imposed by white Democrats on the aforementioned black-white Republican political coalition.

And we will assert that today’s Republican party has NOT lost it’s mission. Founded to liberate black Americans, it now exists to liberate all Americans; to liberate parents that want the choice to send their children to a good school; to liberate small businesses from the big boot of local or federal government regulation and stifling taxes; and to liberate young men and women of color from the absurd psychology that they are forever slaves of victimization instead of masters of their own fate in the greatest country on Earth.

Throughout the election season the BRCL alliance will expose the lie that somehow the Republican Party, indeed the United States, is not the home of the black man. Our history and Constitution should be revered. The Black man is embedded in the foundation of all US law. If the US Constitution is our civic bible, then the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments have made Black Americans “America’s Chosen People”.

Niger Innis