September 26, 2021


ahill.sized-770x415xtThe current presidential campaign for the Democratic nomination is highlighting the fact that liberal democrats are some of the world’s greatest hypocrites. Hilary Clinton assails Wall Street bankers and big corporations, but has accepted over 21 million dollars to speak to these banks, investment firms, and other groups including charities. She has also gotten millions in campaign contributions from Wall Street firms.

She also demands income equality and the redistribution of wealth through higher taxes on most Americans, except for her and Bill because they hide much of their money in offshore accounts or in their so-called charitable foundation. This is standard operating procedure for the leftist in this country. They make grand announcements of things that need to be addressed, but there are always exceptions.

Obama and the leftists are telling us that it is wrong to blame any group, particularly Muslims for the acts of terrorism committed in the name of radical Islam. Sounds reasonable, but then there are exceptions. The left blames the NRA and all other supporters of the Second Amendment to the Constitution for all of the mass shootings in the country including those committed by jihadists. This is despite the fact that no mass shooter has ever been found to be a member of the NRA.

Another exception is American military veterans, who are classified by the Department of Homeland Security as potential domestic terrorists simply because they are veterans. In the meantime, the left is laying out the welcome mat for illegals and Middle Eastern Muslim refugees even if they pose a potential danger to American citizens. They receive free housing, food, welfare benefits, education, and health care. The bleeding heart liberals claim that these people are entitled to these things because they are needy and refugees.

However, they make an exception when it comes to America’s heroes, our military veterans. Thousands of them are homeless while the federal government and the mayors of sanctuary cities ignore their plight in order to help illegals and refugees. American veterans are dying while trying to get the medical treatment they are legally entitled to and earned with their service, because resources are being diverted to people who have done nothing for America.

The left loves to talk about the rights of women, getting them equal pay for equal work, protecting the financial future of abortion mills like the clinics run by Planned Parenthood, and talking about the mythical Republican “war on women”, while refusing to criticize Sharia law that relegates millions of women around the world to virtual slavery. They are considered chattels and denied jobs, education, and can even be beaten or killed by their fathers or husbands.

This is part of the liberal hypocrisy that has elevated political correctness to the status of their new religion. They claim PC promotes diversity and protects freedom of speech in the workplace, and in schools and universities, except that if you are a conservative, a supporter of the Constitution, a Christian or anyone who dares to disagree with the liberal agenda diversity does not apply to you and you don’t have freedom of speech. In fact, disagreeing with the left is classified as “hate” speech.

Liberals tout political correctness as defense of freedom of religion, so you can’t criticize the Muslim religion, but it is fair game to attack Christians and Jews. PC also defends the so called “right” to gay marriage, the right of teachers to push the gay agenda in schools, but refuses to allow anyone else to exercise their Constitutional right to disagree on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Political correctness is being used to destroy the morale of our military, destroy the morale of our police and other first responders, rewrite American history, dumb down our young people, and break the back of the millions of Americans who believe in the traditional values that have made this country great.

Unfortunately, while many people reading this are aware of this hypocrisy, millions of Americans are totally clueless about its existence. Thus they don’t even know that their rights are being taken away, or for that matter even know what their rights are. We have to re-educate our own population, beginning with the young people, otherwise the Obama/Clinton totalitarian philosophy will win.