September 20, 2021

Muslim Contacts Conservative Journalist, Reveals Chilling Plan ISIS Is Preparing

Muslim Contacts Conservative Journalist, Reveals Chilling Plan ISIS Is PreparingFollowing the recent hijacking of an Egyptian airliner that was forced to divert and land in Cyprus, a top jihadist operating in the Gaza Strip contacted a conservative journalist in Tel Aviv, Israel, to relay an ominous threat.

According to Breitbart, well-known Gazan jihadist Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari informed journalist Aaron Klein that the Islamic State group had recruited agents among airport workers in locations all across the globe.

Ansari admitted that he didn’t know the hijacker or anything about the Cyprus incident, but nevertheless noted that the Islamic State group “has successfully recruited collaborators among airport personnel around the world.”

“All I know is that our brothers invest a lot of effort in making it happen,” Ansari told Klein, likely in reference to potential future attacks at airports or on airliners.

GAZA Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, Salafist senior official in Gaza Strip, warned that Israel & US to be the main targets of Islamic State group.

— Children of Peace (@ChildrenofPeace) March 27, 2016

He also spoke about the growing strength of Wilayat Sinai, the Islamic State group-affiliate located in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, along the border with southern Israel.

Ansari said the group was not only poised to expand further west into Egypt toward Cairo and the Nile River, but is also prepared to launch attacks into Israel in the very near future..

He also reiterated his claim that Islamic State group members had been recruited in positions at Western airports, metro stations, and other “very sensitive facilities in the world.”

Social media users weren’t surprised at the claim.

@AlexisinNH Duh…Obama owns it.

Though Ansari has not officially declared himself to be a member of the Islamic State group, likely because of the group’s decidedly low profile in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, he nevertheless spoke as if he were a part of the barbaric organization.

Though it would be nice to dismiss Ansari’s warnings as mere bluster, there have previously been rumors of Islamic State group members and sympathizers working in airports and other supposedly secure locations, and attacks on Israel have long been expected.

Hopefully, the recruited agents in secure locations will be rooted out and arrested before they can provide their assistance in another devastating attack.

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