July 8, 2020

BREAKING: Sanders’ Wife Exposed, Accused in Shocking Deal to Defraud Church

 It seems most of the Democrat candidates and spouses have done something rather corrupt while in office — some more than others. Now, it’s looking like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife might join the ranks of that stereotypical liberal fraudulence.

Catholic parishioners want a federal investigation into their accusation that Jane O’Meara Sanders committed loan fraud when she was president of Burlington College. Sanders was accused of exaggerating the amount of money the college could raise in order to secure millions for a land deal, according to Heat Street.

While the college was looking to expand, she purportedly took out hefty loans to finance the $10 million purchase of 32 acres of property from the Roman Catholic diocese at the end of 2010.

As is typical for those who find themselves under Democrat leadership, the college has since found itself unable to pay back the excessive amount it was handed in loans.

According to one local report, the college raised just $279,000 in fiscal 2011. The diocese reportedly never did receive the full repayment of the loan — it lost between $1.6 and $2 million, according to the investigation request.

“It was within a relatively short time after closing (the deal), they were experiencing financial problems that made it impossible to pay the diocese,” the source says, adding that Burlington College soon defaulted on its loan.

Again, the person overseeing of this financial meltdown was none other than the old socialist’s wife. Bernie Sanders has since responded to these reports and accusations:

“These kinds of attacks on family members of candidates are one of the reasons why the American people are so disgusted with politics in America today,” he said.

Lastly, the request for investigation noted that defrauding a bank is a federal crime — which is punishable by up to 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines, according to federal code.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Ms. Sanders lives under the delusion that loans are basically categorized as free money; she probably took the same economics classes her husband did.

Source: Conservative Tribune