July 31, 2021


invasion9-muslims-by-train-tracksWeston noted how British political leaders refused to acknowledge the terrorist attacks in Britain as motivated by Islam. He said, “This denial of what Islam is, is going to be the downfall of Europe.” He finished dramatically, by saying that we Americans desperately need to retain our First Amendment rights, despite Obama’s efforts to clamp down. “Because unless we can talk about this, unless we can bring it out into the open, you in America will go the same way. You need to stand up and look at what we’re doing and say ‘this is never going to happen here.” –  J. Simpson

Paul Weston is a former UK Independent Party member and leads Liberty Great Britain, a political party he co-founded in 2013. Weston also spoke about the migrant crisis in Europe. He says Britain is not yet lost, but will be gone in 20 years or so. Sweden is “literally a lost country,” with perhaps five or ten years left. He says:

Malmo, Sweden is now the rape capital of the European continent. Aside from South Africa, I think it’s the rape capital of the world. It is that bad. So we look to Sweden in the way that you need to look to us. And we had, over the last 12 months, 12 mass transit bombings planned for England that our intelligence services, MI5, MI6, managed to stop…and despite this, we keep on saying, ‘you can come into our country…and we have no idea who these people are…


Francis Godinho
European and American leaders must learn what happened in India, when Indian leaders were forced to divide and partition into Islamic State called Pakistan. Muslims invaded India in year 1600 by a few hundreds. By 1947; the Muslims population was 300 million. Yes, in just 300 years Muslims were demanding we want our own country. Its like you invite a Muslim guest to your home to stays for 3 months, he demands part of your home belongs to him. Same will happen in Europe and America in just 100 years.