June 19, 2024

WATCH: The Moment Suspected Muslim Terrorist from Brussels Attack is Captured

Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment a man thought to be a suspect in the Paris and Brussels terror attacks was arrested.

The clip shows the suspect pinned down on a pavement by several armed plain-clothed police wearing balaclavas and then being bundled into an unmarked silver car in Brussels.

The detained man is believed to be Mohamed Abrini, who is thought to have played a major role in the Paris massacre that killed 130 in November and the Brussels bombings in which 32 people died last month.

Belgian federal prosecutors confirmed on Friday they have arrested Abrini along with four other people during a raid linked to the March 22 Brussels bombings.

Abrini, is believed to be the mysterious ‘Man in White’ – also known as the ‘Man in the Hat’ – who escaped the double bombing at the Zaventem airport, according a French official.

However, at a press conference tonight, Belgian prosecutors said they are still unclear whether it is the same man.

‘We are investigating if Abrini can be identified as the third person at the Brussels national airport, the so-called Man with the Hat,’ said prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt.

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