October 1, 2022

Obama’s bathroom wars: Too familiar

Obama-Transgender-Restroom-Mandate-900-777x437On Friday, May 13, the Obama administration released guidelines stipulating that American schools must allow males into changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms previously reserved for females, and vice versa.  Schools that do not comply will be subject to lawsuits and fines.

I have researched and published on WWII and jihad.  I’ve had the unfortunate experience of reading of many invaders, unconstrained by any concept of decency, whose only goal was absolute power at any price.

There is a predictable second act after the initial onslaught.  After soldiers have killed enough to win a victory, there is theater.  Evil men on an evil mission stage public displays designed to demoralize the populace.  These displays involve predictable scenarios: children are damaged in front of their helpless parents, who are made to watch.  Priests, rabbis, and sadhus are humiliated in front of their flocks, who must merely stand by helplessly as everything they perceived as sacred is debased.  Women are raped in front of their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons.

After the invaders do that, the population is demoralized.  Broken.  Easier to manipulate.

Men want to protect women.  Women want to be protected by men.

The Obama administration’s announcement that it will force males into females’ private space, where vulnerable, naked, not yet mature girls will be exposed to situations that frighten them, parallels other spectacles where men are demoralized by being forced to surrender their role as protectors of women.

I don’t know if Obama planned this.  I do know that this is a minor parallel to major atrocities.

My male friends express their frustration to me.  They want to protect their wives and daughters.  Male school administrators and elected officials are equally frustrated and increasingly desperate.  My heart goes out to them as they juggle their natural urge to protect against Obama’s and society’s threats to stigmatize them as bigots and punish them financially.

I would like to address the transgendered, including one of my loved ones.  (Love to you if by any chance you are reading this.)

The Left is using you.  The Left doesn’t care about you.  The Left cares about taking down Western civilization.  You are merely the tool, in the same way that they are using Muslims and African Americans and women.  They are using you in the same way that they once used my ancestors, the so-called “white ethnics,” the immigrant Poles, Italians, and Jews who arrived in America a hundred or so years ago and were recruited and then spat out when they refused to relinquish their families, their patriotism, and their God.

Read left-wing literature published early in the twentieth century.  We were the beautiful workers back then.  Read left-wing literature now.  We suddenly morph into monsters, the worst reactionaries, the biggest obstacles to revolution.

My transgendered fellow citizens, don’t buy the left’s product.  Don’t be their tool.  They will betray you as quickly and thoroughly as they betray everyone they use.  Look what they did to Juan Williams.  Look what they did to the women of Cologne, Germany.

When you, the transgendered, are no longer useful to them, you will be out in the cold again.  They will denounce you as decadent, as they have done in the past.

I appeal to you: reject this fascism.  Come to terms with the rest of us.  Let’s work on a solution that respects everyone.

Source: American Thinker