August 4, 2021

SHAMEFUL: Trump is the ONLY candidate to do this so far… WATCH

Donald-TrumpSome people say there are two Donald Trumps — the brash, outspoken showman and a kinder, gentler (even “cerebral” according to Ben Carson) private Donald Trump.

As the election cycle cycles on from spin to tumble-dry, you can be certain the liberal (and some conservative) media will be doing their darnedest to rustle up some good Trump dirt. So far, all they’ve really managed to uncover are statements Trump has already made on the record which seem to underscore the negative narrative.

Slowly but surely, positive stories are emerging. As we covered here, a woman who worked for Trump’s organization gave testimony to his generosity and the character of his family. And then there was the time he sent his personal plane to ferry some Marines freshly arrived from Operation Desert Storm from North Carolina to Florida.

Now thanks to our friends at we have another story to share. Remember the late Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry? He was fatally shot by a Mexican gang using weapons traced back to the “Fast and Furious program.”

It’s been six years since Brian’s death, and so far no one has been held accountable for the disaster of “Fast and Furious.”

Brian’s brother Kent told Sean Hannity, “Where’s Issa, where’s Grassley, where’s Gowdy, where’s Chaffetz? They were all pit bulls at the beginning of this Fast and Furious and all of a sudden they just shut it off like a light bulb.”

Well not everyone has forgotten. During this primary season, only one candidate for president has reached out to Brian Terry’s family, and that candidate is Donald Trump.

As reports, Before meeting with the family (and earlier on in the primary process), Trump had personally reached out to Kent’s mother, Josephine to express his condolences.

Then, in early March 2016 Kent and his sister Michelle met with Trump at Washtenaw Community College in Warren, Michigan.

There were no cameras, no reporters, and no fanfare. Donald Trump simply wanted to meet with the family, pay his respects and make one promise: If elected president—Trump told Kent that he would “open the books” on Fast and Furious and get the Terry family the answers they deserve.

“We had a 5-10 minute meeting with him…it was the first time I walked out of anywhere…and I said, ‘you know what I believe he’s the man that’s going to do it. He’s going to give us the answers.’”

If Donald Trump is elected president, let’s hope he keeps his word.

Source: Allen West