September 25, 2021

Socialist Wolf in sheep’s clothing now mayor of world’s financial capital

Socialist Wolf in sheep’s clothing now mayor of world’s financial capitalNo one hears the howling of the wolves but they’re getting louder every day.

Not many in the mainstream media bother joining the dots anymore. Keeping ahead of the news curve means doing one’s own research.

Now that Sadiq Khan has been elected as the first Muslim Mayor of a major Western capital in London England, prominent Muslim columnists like Tarek Fatah over at the Toronto Sun, writes ‘London’s new mayor is no Islamist’.

The chilling truth is, Mr. Fatah and Co., that Sadiq Khan is a Socialist-advanced Muslim whose election is destined to bring on the Islamization of Britain as London buses are set to carry ads proclaiming the “glory of Allah”. (Breitbart, May 10, 2016)

Sadiq Khan’s ambitions go further than filling potholes in London. For Khan is a longtime socialist wolf in sheep’s clothing, whose mission in life is to usher in worldwide socialist government.

Before he became ‘Yer Worship’, Khan was chairman of the Socialist Fabian Society, the top noted socialist organization that celebrated the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s election as U.S. president with a major 2009 conference to discuss “how we can create a progressive movement for change in Europe”.

Chairman in charge of the Obama anniversary celebration, to this day Khan is an executive member of the Society.

“From the Fabian Society’s homepage: “As we approach the one year anniversary of Obama’s electoral victory, the Fabians plan to use this moment to hold a major half-day conference to discuss how we can create a progressive movement for change in Europe.”

“Speakers for the The Global Change We Need Conference include Foreign Secretary David Miliband MP, former Clinton White House Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Palmieri; outgoing European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Aluminia; European Commissioner for Trade Baroness Catherine Ashton and former Prime Minister of Denmark and current PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.” (Canada Free Press, Aug. 22, 2009)

A Khan-like clamour never followed Obama’s election as president.  His handlers thought it more important to have him hailed as America’s first Black president and Obama’s Muslim sympathies were still well hidden back in 2009.

What the Fabian Society is all about is advertised on its world-famous Fabian Window, which former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had put on display at the London School of Economics in 2006.

Canada Free Press columnist William Kevin Stoos best described the window on Aug 21, 2009, in Canada Free Press.  “The Fabian Window is a beautiful, if sinister, thing.  Although it currently hangs in London, it should be hanging in the White House, for the message in the window is an eerie reflection of what is happening in the United States before our very eyes.  Built to commemorate the founding of the Fabian Socialist Society, the Fabian Window contains images that are clear, unapologetic and, as a friend of mine once said..brazen.  It is one thing, as Lenin said, to howl like wolves in order to live among wolves; however, it is quite another to advertise the fact that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“ Yet, the socialists who constructed the window had no qualms about advertising the fact that they had a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda when it comes to reshaping the world.”

Crafted from the the same stained glass that is admired in the best cathedrals of the world, the sinister Fabian Window depicts the image of two men—society founders—hammering the globe (from the top down no less) with sledgehammers—imposing their will on the world so to speak.

What Stoos describes next should run chills down the spines of decent people everywhere.  “More ominous still—the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Amazingly, the Fabian Window contains an image—just above the fellows hammering the world—that is as clear as it is foreboding: the socialists are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I often wonder why they did not choose a less ignoble animal.  What about a courageous lion? A proud bull?  A vigilant hawk? A noble horse”  No, they chose a wolf—a cunning, ravenous. devious, and scary critter—and cloaked him in a sheepskin.  Why?  Because, as Lenin taught, if you want to operate in a capitalist society you must disguise yourself.  Put the sheepskin on and you can easily mingle with the flock.  Until, you decide to shed the skin and consume the flock.  The most frightening thing about the image is that the socialists make no apology about being wolves and living among sheep.”

Fabian Society’s blunt mantra:  “Pray devoutly Hammer stoutly” for the New World Order

There can be no mistaking what the Fabian Society wants.  Its blunt mantra is “pray devoutly hammer stoutly” for the New World Order.

The most significant news is not that On Saturday, May 7, 2016, Sadiq Khan, 45, the son of a Pakistani bus driver, was elected as the first Muslim mayor of London, defeating Zac Goldsmith, the Jewish son of a billionaire.

Nor even is it that leading up to the election, Khan was accused by the right of being an apologist for Islamists and reproached for past associations with Jew-hating and anti-Israel groups.

The news that matters most is that the far left of the western world has thrown completely in with Islam to dominate Western culture at all levels.

Sadiq Khan is just the first of many coming Muslim mayors in major Western capitals.

Sad to say that even so not many yet hear the howling of the wolves.


Source: Canada Free Press