September 19, 2021

The Manifesto of Constitutional American Nationalism – Why Constitutional Nationalism? Part 1

Neither Right nor Left, But America First

liberty and flagThe United States saw its economic strength, military power, and social fabric progressively dismantled during both Republican and Democratic Administrations. Nationalists consider the 1960s and 1980s the two decades most deleterious to America’s social, economic, political, cultural, and national defense fabric. The 1960s and 1980s were harbingers of corruption, subversion, and atomism which characterize the current landscape of American society, economics, morals, and national security. We propose an alternative rooted in the best of America’s present and the effective policies of our Nation’s past.

Many of the intellectuals, economists, and politicians of the Left and Right were responsible for the unraveling of the ideas and institutions which contributed to the dynamism, patriotism, and tangible prosperity of the United States. The ideologies of modern conservatism, classical liberalism (libertarianism), racial collectivism, and all forms of Socialism/Marxism/Communism corrupted our national spirit; our youth, who represent our future leaders; and our political system. Selfishness and atomism replaced the cohesiveness of the unique non-authoritarian organic unity of the American people. The Marxist Left and the neo-liberal (economically libertarian) Right preached class warfare, which demonized various elements of the wealthy, professional, and working classes of the Nation. The professional and tenured Marxists excoriated the wealthy, no matter how patriotic or moral certain elements of the capitalist classes are.

In the eyes of the domestic totalitarian camp, independent wealth is exploitative and therefore socially “unjust.” Instead, a centralized state would be tasked to manage or even own entire segments of a national economy. Such centralized control exercised by a selfish, power-hungry, and ruthless elite leads directly into a world dominated b economic gangsterism, corruption, and poverty.

On the other end of the spectrum, various Republican ideologues and politicians channeled the resentments of the disempowered working and middle classes away from the ravages of globalization and toward jealously and disdain towards government employees and professionals of all types. These forces attempted to foster resentments that were specifically targeted against the benefits and living wages associated with many public employees. The corporate sycophants sought to foster resentment of the private sector workers against those who were perceived as the “haves” in the public sector. No mention was made of central role played by globalization, free trade, outsourcing, and uncontrolled guest worker/immigration policies in placing tremendous downward pressure on private sector workers. This phenomenon rose its ugly, counterproductive, and demagogic head in 2010 and never really abated in the world of conservative and Republican Party politics.

The decline of the strength of private sector unions resulted in a tremendous degradation in the bargaining power of labor, while the financial services industry and their political apologists vastly overstated the long-term positive benefits of employee-driven 401k pension plans. Much of the burden of funding these plans was placed on the employee. In an economy based on stagnant and declining wages, this proved to be increasingly difficult for employees hard-pressed to siphon their earnings into retirement savings. The financial crisis of 2008 dashed the hopes that 401k plans would serve as a long-term financial bonanza for retired employees.

obama and communismAverage Americans are now demoralized and divided. The Marxists in the organized communist and New Left movements colonized the Democratic Party, labor unions, educational system, and professional associations. They serve as transmission belts for the softening of the American population to accept Marxism. Entertainment and education (both private and public) reflected a stark bias against economic freedom, private property, pride in the American military, respect for the institutions of law and order, the traditional family, and nationalism. Radical feminism played a substantial role in the cultural attacks on the American family while the civil rights movement took a hairpin turn towards Marxism and anti-Americanism in the 1960s. The Marxists and other radical left wing forces were never truly interested in achieving the long overdue goals of:

  • Increased respect and teamwork between American men and women.
  • The destruction of racial populism.
  • Terminating the humiliation and oppression stemming from state-mandated segregation.

Instead, the ultimate goal of the communists and other left-wingers within the civil rights and feminist movements was the acceleration in the decline of the traditional American moral, spiritual, and institutional fabric. Legitimate grievances were simply tools used to implement a socialist despotism, which would never truly work for a meaningful atmosphere of respect for women, African-Americans, and gays. In the eyes of the radical feminists, the traditional household became a microcosm of fascism, while many communists and other far leftists embedded in the civil rights movement embraced some of the worst racist-communist dictatorships in the world. True freedom, equality, and mutual respect were mere slogans emanating from the propagandists and militants of the Left. Social upheaval and dictatorship were the goals of the totalitarian collectivist camp within the United States.

The neo-liberal (libertarian-“conservative”) Right’s enthusiasm in the destruction of social contracts achieved between labor and management only paved the way for the acceptance of Marxist solutions for redressing economic imbalances. America’s youth became poisoned against the very foundations of our Nation’s greatness. Such a state of affairs arose from the massive propagation of Marxism, internationalism, and free trade/libertarian on college campuses and in the halls of academia. Proof of this lay within the rising appeal of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the Democratic Presidential primary of 2016.

Free trade and globalization wrecked havoc on our:

  • National security.
  • Our unique social contract between labor and business which constructed a prosperous, balanced capitalist system which distributed wealth according to merit and social justice.
  • The core values of the nation as reflected by the degeneration of the quality of our political leaders.

American factories and mines were forced out of business as a result of one-sided, government-imposed economic interdependence dictated by geopolitical considerations. Such relationships were termed “free trade” by its privileged supporters and beneficiaries. Meanwhile, our trading partners in NATO, Asia, and the neutral countries were allowed to dump their products in the American market. They also passed valuable technologies and goods to our communist adversaries. This state of affairs continues to the present day. Compared to the pre-Cold War period, our interdependence with foreign nations rendered American diplomatic and economic bargaining power toothless. Even during the Cold War and the period thereafter, the United States pumped massive quantities of technologies, vital capital, and consumer goods to various adversaries and outright enemies. Devoid of patriotism, multinational corporations and large financial investment firms lobbied for such trade and an ever-increasing economic dependence on the totalitarian bloc led by Moscow and Beijing.

By the 1960s, American multinational corporations started to outsource their production to special trade zones in Mexico known as maquiladoras. The primary initial reasons for such transfers of industrial capital was the complete abdication of the American government to levy duties in the face of anti-free market foreign trade practices. In order to remain solvent in the face of such predatory foreign trade practices, American multinationals sought to exploit cheap labor and the subsidies offered by the Mexico and other foreign governments. Soon, American multinationals exported their productive capacity to other non-market and even communist countries. Their products were then sold in the American market. By the 1970s, the self-preservation of the multinationals morphed into shareholder-driven greed. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO or simply outsourcing) was a major feature of the fundamental transformation of American capitalism from a stakeholder-driven model to that of a selfish, quasi-libertarian system which focused on the amassing of massive profits for major shareholders and high level executives.

However, average Americans suffered tremendously from such economic arrangements. Towns and whole cities became desolate, post-industrial wastelands. Citizens who were unemployed or underemployed as a result of globalization became addicted to welfare, dangerous drugs, crime, and a sense of general despair. The tax base become strained while vital municipal services suffered. Local businesses formerly dependent on the recently closed or relocated manufacturing businesses suffered as a result of the negative multiplier effects stemming from lost incomes and production. Parts manufacturers, local diners, repair companies, demand for fuel, chemicals, toy stores, car dealers, etc. all experienced severe losses and even closure as a result of free trade, globalization, and outsourcing. In a word, the New Democrats[1], the corporate and pro-big business Republicans, libertarians and their political and intellectual hacks and whores have become the new “Lords of Poverty” in America. They are progenitors of a collapsed America all in the name of greed (misnamed “freedom” and “liberty”), “competiveness,” “lean is mean,” “downsizing,” and globalist-internationalism. Conservative and Republican fealty for family values failed to cover up their complicity in the destruction of the American family and the nurturing of foreign enemies. Meanwhile, the Marxist, fascist/neo-Nazi and leftwing subversive camps lick their chops, waiting for a catastrophic depression to deal a final blow to the American free enterprise system and constitutional, balanced government. Such malevolent forces believe that the crisis of the system lay within capitalist-free enterprise. Nationalists believe that the current economic morass is the result of a collapsed morality and lack of patriotism, not from individuals becoming merely wealthy by honest and productive business practices.

The advent of pseudo-libertarian ideology and its policies of crony deregulation, union busting, greed, and stagnant/falling wages destroyed the spirit of a cohesive national community and faith in the functioning of the free enterprise system. Welfare reform only served to subsidize low wage employers in retail and other service industries. It was noteworthy that so-called “welfare reform” was supported by the unholy alliance of President Bill Clinton, the New Democrats, and corporate Republicans. Since the 1980s, low wage, low benefit service enterprises became the economic engines for development and “growth” in the United States. Walmart became the largest private sector employer in America, thus surpassing the number of workers at productive enterprise like General Motors. The intellectual and political janissaries of the globalist-plutocratic oligarchs implored unemployed Americans to:

  • To accept the low wage jobs.
  • To work multiple jobs.
  • Drive mothers away from being homemakers and into the labor pool.

Children were placed into the growing factories of daycare centers and away from the constant warmth and nurturing of their mothers. Both radical feminism and libertarianism/modern “conservatism” ushered in the destruction of the pre-1960s American household. The financial services industry capitalized on depressed wages and salaries by offering the average American access to vast reserves of consumer credit. Personal debt skyrocketed from the 1980s onwards. Meanwhile, as our productive capacity was gutted by globalization, the welfare state expanded. The checks and balances of ethical capitalism were destroyed by the siren songs of the “freedom” entailed in libertarian economics. Free trade, unbalanced immigration, union busting, the culture of greed and materialism, and crony deregulation all led to the stagnation and decline of wages and the creation of a casino-like, “house of cards” economy. Parasitic crony, government-subsidized and connected corporate giants became the largest employment generators in the country. Mammoth retail, FIRE (finance, insurance, and real estate) industries, and other non-productive sectors are represented in the pool of crony capitalist firms listed above. Hence, the American economy became a hybrid of the worst aspects of libertarianism and socialist-welfare economics.

The reckless participants in the financial services industries spawned the economic bubbles which characterized the American economy from 1981 to 2008. Since the 1970s, severe recessions characterized the American economy for varying time periods. The proponents of deregulation (in reality crony deregulation) ripped out laws which actually benefited the free enterprise system. Regulations and laws such as Glass Steagal and Sherman Anti-Trust helped correct the imperfections of the free market economy. The post-1981 period brought upon the following trends:

  • Government-tolerated monopolization, especially in banking, retail, and media.
  • The merging of traditional and risky investment institutions with the repeal of Glass Steagal in 1999.
  • LESS competition in retail, finance, and media.
  • Foreign, state-owned and/or state-subsidized monopolies gained a near-commanding foothold in the American market, thus sacrificing our sovereignty and national security.

The plutocratic globalists utilize the concept of open borders to extract even more profits at the expense of independent businesses, American workers, and members of the middle class. Never mind the fact that scores of American college graduates invested their intellectual effort, time, and money to earn the degrees needed to attain those professional engineer, IT, and other white collar professional positions. The New Democrat/libertarian/“conservative” “Lords of Poverty” care nothing about the struggles of average American families or the integrity of our national borders. Their vision is a demobilized and atomized American working and middle class constantly drifting in the United States searching for employment. Never mind that these unemployed mothers and fathers have dreams and expectations to fulfill for their families. Never mind the fact that many guest workers are actually citizens from adversaries such as the Russian Federation, Red China, and Venezuela. Never mind that such guest workers could transfer technology to modernize the war machines of the anti-American axis. Multinational corporations and their intellectual sycophants are simply deracinated from any notion of national identity. Greed and globalism are merged into a ravenous beast which consumes the very soul of the American Nation.

Figuratively speaking, the comfortable preachers for the “free market”/“free trade”/open borders envision the American workforce existing in a Randian Dust Bowl. In this world, such unfortunate citizens and their families move around the country in a perpetual trek for employment. Unlike the libertarians and many modern conservatives, Constitutional American Nationalists believe in cohesive local communities, families, and job security on a firm basis of meritocracy.

The organized communist and left wing political-subversive forces sought to use immigration as a wedge to:

  • Undermine the American national community.
  • To stoke feelings of anti-US liberal guilt amongst native citizens.
  • To nurture a potential cadre of left wing activists to provide manpower for the cause of revolution.

The progressive left of the Democratic Party would be handed a voting block of grateful, dependent naturalized immigrants who would in turn elect the same opportunistic “benefactors” for generations to come. The left wing extremists within the Democratic Party were heavily involved in efforts to pave the way for Marxism in the United States. Many other political factions aligned themselves with the enemies of the United States during the Cold War and the period after 1991.

Sadly, the American people see little recourse amongst their elected officials. Despite the pleas of America’s middle class, workers, and independent businessmen, our corrupt and self-serving political class ignore the Constitution, our national security, and sovereignty. They are also complicit in the 30+ year war against the social contracts which provided Americans with the best standard of living in the developed world. Others defend and enable legalized bribery in politics (campaign finance), the mass murder known as abortion, and efforts to disarm the strategic arsenal of the United States.  Leftwing progressives and “conservatives” will excessively harp on “social issues” while ignoring the very tangible factors which break apart the fabric of the national community and family. The political oligarchs of the Right and Left will hammer the most divisive, immoral, and counterproductive points to their constituents. Some of the more toxic points made by the political class include:

  • All homosexuals are degenerate and immoral. This point ignores the admirable service to the national community, armed services, and their families rendered by American citizens who happen to be homosexual.
  • Abortion is a mere choice and not murder.
  • The life of a sadistic criminal is equal to that of their victim(s).
  • Gay pride parades are mere expressions of “speech” and “freedom,” no matter how outrageous and nauseating they may be.
  • The concern for sustaining life and fostering traditional families ends after a child is born and a wedding couple says “I do.” This is the essence of modern conservative movement, which has been transformed into an arm of big business and the labor-haters. On a theoretical level, many modern conservatives weave a pro-employer/pro-big business philosophy with that of a strict social conservatism.

Individual politicians such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) extol the blessings of the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage. In reality, they also support policies which destroy the ability of American families to sustain themselves economically. Instead, the “right wing” faction of the political oligarchy (e.g. Ted Cruz) will hypocritically focus on the alleged “evils” of same-sex marriage and the very real horror of abortion. Yet Cruz and other Fusionists[2] pledge to destroy the social contracts which served as a major stabilizing force which economically sustained the traditional American family. Left wing political oligarchs such as Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-FL) will promote abortion on demand and the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion. It is abundantly clear that both wings of the political oligarchy serve as catalysts which dissolve the fabric of our Nation.

Despite positive exceptions in both the Republican and Democratic Parties, most American politicians are blinded by ideology, greed, and personal ambition. Such negative attributes in our political class materialize in the form of poor public policies. These policies often contravene the common good and the rule of law. As a result of Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United vs. FEC, McCutcheon vs. FEC, Bellotti vs. First Bank of Boston, and Buckley vs. Vallejo, America’s degeneration from a Constitutional Republic into an “oligarchy with democratic trappings” is now complete. Groups such as ALEC, Planned Parenthood, the AFL-CIO, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Club for Growth, and a myriad of others have hijacked our national security, domestic prosperity, and moral integrity in favor of their self-serving, pet ideological causes. Hence, the Republic that we revered and loved has died.

The totalitarian powers in the Islamic and communist world continue to pose a mortal threat to the survival of the United States. Moscow and Beijing continue their half-century long effort to modernize their weapons system, expand their network of active duty troops, and to pursue a general program of total rearmament. Their alliances with the forces of Islamic fundamentalism, Arab Socialism, Marxism, and even neo-fascism continue to be strengthened. Russia and Red China are nurturing a constellation of powers dedicated to the destruction and occupation of the United States. Chinese and Russian invasion and occupation plans remain active against the continental United States. Russian bombers traverse the coasts of the United States. Some continue to attempt to invade American airspace. Our immigration and visa policies provided access to American territory by terrorists and sleeper agent cells associated with adversarial powers and terrorist movements. Chinese Naval vessels harass and commit aggressive actions against American ships.

We were told that Reagan and Bush “bankrupted” and “defeated” the USSR in the Cold War. In the eyes of the liberals, internationalists, and many conservatives, a new world would arise bound by trade and cooperation. However, the triumphalists within the Republican Party palpably ignored evidence that Moscow engaged in a strategic repositioning of the Communist Party. Many Republicans and even more Democrats ignored Moscow’s continued rearmament, war planning, and subversive activities directed against the United States. Pride and ego replaced patriotism. Furthermore, the political class and much of the intelligence establishment exaggerated the depth of the “splits” between the Soviet Union and China. The United States was also fooled into believing that the “splits” between the USSR and Yugoslavia and Romania were bona fide expressions of disagreement within the Soviet bloc. Evidence to the contrary was ignored, while Belgrade and Bucharest continued exhibit their loyalty to the cause of Soviet-led international communism. Many left wing Democrats and liberals continued their fellow-traveling and collaboration with communist despotism. The old network of Soviet apologists and Fifth Columnists continued to subvert American efforts to assert itself against foreign enemies. Successive Republican and Democratic Presidents committed themselves to fallacious arms control treaties. The realities of such treaties could be summarized in the following fashion: “the US disarms, while our adversaries deceive and rearm.” From SALT to START, arms control proved to be an illusory fiction based on the wishful thinking and ideological utopianism which plague our Nation. Meanwhile, the advocates of open borders are complicit in allowing foreign agents and saboteurs to burrow themselves in the American national community. Other new immigrants adhered to the doctrine of fundamentalist Islam, which pledges the destruction of the Constitution and liberal pluralism and its replacement with a savage, theocratic Caliphate. Such subversion is simply a mortal threat to America’s survival.

The elite personalities, classes, and organizations have failed the American people and Nation in protecting us from the scourge and threat of totalitarian collectivism. It is high time for Constitutional American Nationalists to seize the moment and lead our Nation on the path to sovereignty, security, and prosperity. Our hope for national rejuvenation lay not with “conservatism,” libertarianism, or the assortment of left wing and collectivist ideologies. Instead, the key to restoring our future greatness as a Republic lay with Constitutional American Nationalism!

[1] The New Democrats were formerly known as Atari Democrats and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

[2] A Fusionist is an intellectual or a politicians who adheres to a combination of social conservatism and anti-nationalist economic libertarianism.

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Nevin Gussack is a professional librarian, political commentator, and writer. His works appeared on the webpages of the Center for Intelligence Studies, Accuracy in Media, Economy in Crisis, and He also appeared on America’s Survival Roku television program, WEI’s Make the Call radio program, and the veteran broadcaster Chuck Harder’s radio program For the People. Nevin received a double major from the State University of New York at Albany in History and Political Science. Since that time, he also received two Master’s Degrees in Social Studies Education from Florida Atlantic University and Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida.  Nevin is the Director of Bear Witness Central in the West Palm Beach area.