August 4, 2021

RIGHT ON: Israel Says “enough is enough,” announces travel BAN for…

netanyahuThere are so many issues and points of concern that should be addressed in America at this point. We have an abysmal jobs report and a failing economy. We continue to be distracted by a “soaring” Dow Jones and stock market while we have an average annualized GDP growth of less than 2 percent. Our borders are like Swiss cheese and we have sanctuary cities all over our Republic. Frankly, the last thing I care about hearing is anything about a judge in Indiana.

But if y’all have forgotten, there’s still a very vile and vicious enemy out there…yesterday we got a reminder.

As reported by the New York Post, “Two Palestinian gunmen disguised as ultra-Orthodox Jews opened fire in a popular food and retail center in central Tel Aviv Wednesday night, killing four people and seriously wounded at least seven others, according to reports.

However, Israel is not standing idly by. The BBC reports, Israel says it has suspended entry permits for 83,000 Palestinians after gunmen killed four people in an attack at an open-air complex in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited the scene shortly afterwards, called the attack “a savage crime of murder and terrorism”.

(The permit ban) will impact Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip who had planned to visit relatives in Israel, attend Ramadan prayers in Jerusalem or travel abroad via Tel Aviv’s airport.

The suspension did not apply to Palestinians with work authorizations.

Permits for 204 relatives of the attackers had also been suspended, a statement from Cogat, the Israeli body which manages civilian affairs in the West Bank, said.

Gee, I seem to remember the world going nuts when Donald Trump suggested the U.S. ought to temporarily suspend Muslim entry after the San Bernardino attacks. Funny how that works…

But this is just another grim reminder that Islamic jihadism is a clear and present danger, and it’s not just an Israeli domestic issue. These are scenes that are spreading all across the Western world and yet we still play the insidious game of political correctness and self-blame.

You just have to wonder how the current administration will spin this to be the fault of the Israelis — you know, blame the Jews. Recently we shared here the story about the pro-Palestinian Jewish group J-Street and its efforts to support the Iranian nuclear deal. This just goes to further prove that there are Jewish people so blatantly misguided in their self-deprecation that they would usher in their own death.

The “Palestinian” issue and the support of Israel is certainly a clear point of division in our presidential election cycle. In the past seven years we’ve seen a degradation of the American-Israel relationship — please spare me the innocuous rhetoric. You don’t dispatch campaign operatives to defeat an ally, yet that is exactly what Barack Obama did to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And the Iranian nuclear deal — which it seems the line of communications was initiated under Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department — further threatens the Jewish State.

Now, the very shrewd Hillary Clinton will opine about her “support for Israel,” but I kinda have to challenge that claim since she and hubby Bill were so very chummy with the original terrorist, Yasser Arafat.

In this election, sound bites and empty rhetoric when addressing the issue of Islamic jihadism aren’t going to cut the mustard. Americans are concerned about their economic security, but no level of success and prosperity is meaningful if you are dead, slaughtered on your own streets.

And that was why last year the people of Israel reelected Netanyahu as their Prime Minister instead of the far left progressive socialist supported by Obama. Why? Because folks want a strong hand to protect them – which of course begs the question of why did America elect and reelect Barack Obama?

When it comes to protecting the American people, Hillary Clinton is on record stating we must learn to “empathize with our enemy.” I believe the only empathy that should be shown to Islamic jihadists is a quick death, which normally comes via a head shot — double tap just to be sure, a la Osama bin Laden.

This enemy — and all enemies — only comprehend and respect strength and might, not blather and appeasement — that only gets you an emboldened enemy who will infiltrate with those “pitiful refugees.”

Yes, we are now entering the general election phase of a vital presidential contest. Historical moment, yep, I want one — but one that resembles the victory at Tours in 728, Lepanto in 1571, or Vienna in 1683.

Historical moments for the future of America rest not on the color or gender of a presidential candidate. They should be about the promise we make to our children and grandchildren. And it’s not about thinking we can fix the weather, convincing folks they can use any bathroom or get free stuff. The true promise is about ensuring our citizens can be safe anywhere they go in the world, are proud to be an American – and ensuring our allies know we got their backs.

Source: Allen West