August 5, 2021


In calling for a temporary ban on visas for Muslims desiring to enter the USA, Donald Trump stated that, as a Nation, we need to understand “what causes the hate?” before we can properly vet those within whose midst Islamic terrorists can openly hide. This basic pragmatic question has been inappropriately vilified by some as “antiMuslim bigotry” and “demonizing a religious faith” in a “manner corrosive to our vital national security interests.”

Our 1st Amendment guarantees citizens of all faiths the right to “free exercise” of their religion. However, all citizens are also equally bound to
accept the primacy of our Constitution and the laws of our nation.

Immigrants to America have traditionally embraced our liberty, our values and our Constitution, and have assimilated into our society. But such
assimilation is not compatible with Islamic Sharia Law, which perverts the basic Islamic religion with its mandatory social, legal and political
structure and its doctrine of aggression towards those who choose not to embrace it.

The aggression and hate we see today is a recent phenomenon which has manifested periodically over the past 1400 years. Photographs in
the 1960’s depict open and tolerant Muslim societies in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. In fact, Baghdad was so popular as a tourist
destination in the 1960’s that a marketing slogan on a postcard called New York City “Baghdad on the Hudson”.

Why have so many Muslim nations devolved over the past 80 years from secular, open societies into repressive, violent societies? Much of
the answer to this question lies within the history of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood beginning in 1928.

huma and the muslim brotherhoodThe Muslim Brotherhood emerged in Egypt in 1928 and evolved into the most influential Islamist organization in the 20th Century. The Muslim
Brotherhood was created by Hassan Al Banna, who was 22 years old and idolized Adolf Hitler. Hassan Al Banna’s father was a student of the
Grand Mufti of Egypt who was also a Grand Master of the United Lodge of Egypt, a freemason. Hassan’s father was himself a freemason
initiated within British freemasonry.

Hassan established the Muslim Brotherhood as a violent and repressive version of freemasonry based upon a radical Islamic ideology of hate which would become the core ideology of Al Qaeda and of the Islamic State.

In the 1960’s the Muslim Brotherhood began aggressive campaigns attacking secular Muslim nations. Ali Shariati, an Iranian who came from a
long line of freemasons, cultivated ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and established an infrastructure which ultimately empowered the
Ayatollah Khomeini.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 opened the floodgates of radical Islam and oppression under Sharia Law. In time, both Shiite and Sunni
organizations, using the Muslim Brotherhood ideology and its web of financing, spread terror to eastern and western nations.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates were the force behind the “Arab Spring” in their quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate. In Libya, the
2011 Day of Rage was planned by the Muslim Brotherhood. It spawned death and destruction, led to the death of our Ambassador and three
other brave Americans in Benghazi, and left Libya as a failed state. This and other horrific events are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and its
ideology of hate rooted in Sharia Law.

In the absence of action by the Administration, the House Judiciary Committee designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. It is
time for the full Congress to act to define the “terrorist enemy” so proper action can be taken to neutralize this clear and present threat.

Additionally, with the enemy exposed, our nation will need to distinguish between: (i) Muslim citizens and visitors who simply desire to practice
their Islamic religion while disavowing any adherence to Sharia law; and, (ii) those who openly or covertly believe Sharia law takes
precedence over US law, and who work through terror, propaganda or passive acceptance to subvert our Constitution in their unending quest
to establish and expand an Islamic Caliphate. Since it will not be easy to determine who supports Sharia law and who does not, the rethinking
of our visa program is just common sense.

Stephanie M. Jason is an international business consultant who is a Middle East and North Africa expert. Stephanie was a friend of the late
Ambassador Chris Stevens and was with him in Tripoli, Libya two months prior to his murder in Benghazi. Stephanie is a resident of
Jacksonville and a Donald Trump supporter.

This article was originally posted in The Hill