September 26, 2021

While Democrats bash Trump’s wall, look where they’re BUILDING their own

trumpBorder security was once an issue where there was unanimous agreement from Right and Left. In today’s age of identity politics, however, enforcing the law now qualifies as “racist” — and thus the Left can silence any arguments in favor of sanity.

Just as Democrats rail against gun control with armed guards by their side, or call for the rich to pay their “fair share” while taking every tax loophole available, they’re all for borders when it serves them personally.

The latest example comes from the Democrat National Convention. NewsMax reports:

Hillary Clinton may be against Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along America’s southern border, but a temporary wall will be constructed around the venue hosting next month’s Democratic National Convention — where Clinton is expected to earn the presidential nomination.

The wall, according to NBC Philadelphia, will be raised for security reasons. The station reports the fencing will enclose the Wells Fargo Center, in which the convention will take place, along with the nearby Xfinity Live! venue.

A protest zone will be set up in FDR Park, which is close to the Wells Fargo Center but will be outside of the security walls.

Of course, whereas the wall presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump wants to build would be designed to keep out illegal aliens — people intent on breaking our nation’s law — the Democrat’s wall is designed to keep out Bernie Sanders’ supporters wishing to exercise their rights legally under our rule of law.

Oh yeah, and if history holds, visitors will be required to show ID to get into the Democrat National Convention — but God forbid, not when they go to vote.

Yep, makes perfect sense… to Democrats.