February 27, 2020

Daytona Beach Trump Rally an Awesome Experience


The Donald Trump Rally in Daytona Beach, Florida held August 3, 2016, was an epic event. It was held at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center. There were thousands of people in the grandstands. Every seat was taken, with the exception of 200 at the very top corners and a few stragglers. It was speculated though that the Fire Marshall had ordered those 200 seats be un-used! The center floor area in front of the stage was packed! The total attendance for the event was an estimated at 10,000. An additional 1,000+ were still outside and at one point many were unable to get in. Shortly after Donald Trump’s motorcade arrival, the event staff had stopped letting people in.

As always, cameras did not pull back or turn to show the filled arena. There were people at the doors as early as 8:30am and some even earlier.

The amount of men and women under-50 was evident, including teenagers and young adults … and a handful of parents with children and toddlers. Also, fervent patriotism was expressed in clothing and in attitude. Attendees were definitely excited and happy to be there with a great spirit of God and Country! Several times during the waiting period chants were initiated such as “Trump, Trump, Trump …”, “lock her up”, “build the wall…”. and the well known: “USA, USA, USA…”

The invocation was given by Webster Barnaby, a well respected and former Deltona City Commissioner, who gave an exceptional prayer for the blessing and grace of God to lay heavy on America. His invocation was met with cheers and excitement! The pledge was led by United States Air Force veteran Tom Taffe. Veterans, first responders and law enforcement were honored!

One significant issue Donald Trump brought up in the beginning was the $400,000,000 “cash” payment being shipped overnight to Iran. As expected, it was received with boos from the crowd! He also stated he was leading in Florida and Ohio. He was tied in Pennsylvania, but confidently stated they will pull ahead there!

As to be expected, one well known local radio host criticized Donald Trump on air. This radio host was met though with callers who disagreed with his assessment.

As an eye witness, it is safe to say that Donald J. Trump rallies are truly “arenas-filled-to-capacity” events, which are invigorating, patriotic and exceptional!  I have spoken with several friends who were there and they had nothing but good things to say about Trump and the event!!

The Trump campaign, with the help of many dedicated Republican volunteers from the local Party, did a fabulous job pulling off this magnificent event!

The video of the event can be seen here: