October 18, 2018

The Passing of One of America’s Greatest Heroines

phyllis-schlafly-770x330Phyllis Schlafly, who died at 92, was an American heroine. She was a great woman, a great conservative, and a great American. Her legacy of defending America, the family, and the U.S. Constitution will endure far into the future. We have all been blessed by her efforts.

Unlike so many fake or cowardly “conservative” leaders of recent generations, Schlafly was not afraid to boldly take on the enemies of freedom, the enemies of the family, and the enemies of America. Indeed, she bravely defied the RINO-globalist-neocon-liberal-communist axis like few others have dared to — and history will record her bravery in this regard.

Whether it was abortion, globalism, protecting the Constitution, or any other issue, Schlafly always stood on the side of America and truth. She stood firmly for God in the public square, and she also made sure that the slaughter of the unborn through abortion would not be forgotten or ignored by the people or their representatives. She fought for what was right until the very end. She knew what was at stake.

I have no doubt that this week, when she passed on from this world after so many decades of faithful service to God, family, and country, our Heavenly Father welcomed her with open arms: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

The world could not ignore her or silence her. Without question, Schlafly will go down in history as one of the most important leaders of the American conservative and pro-family movement — a movement she helped create, build, shape, and lead for generations. The organization she founded, the Eagle Forum, will continue her important work long into the future.

Even liberals who hated her have been forced to admit her extraordinary influence. “If political influence consists in transforming this huge and cantankerous country in one’s preferred direction, Schlafly has to be regarded as one of the two or three most important Americans of the last half of the 20th century,” acknowledged political scientist Alan Wolfe as quoted by the New York Times.

As a co-author of a book with Schlafly’s friend and associate Dr. Sam Blumenfeld on education, I was blessed to get to know Phyllis in her later years, even appearing on her national radio show on multiple occasions. Real education was a major passion for Schlafly — and she was one of the few national figures who understood not only the devastating toll of illiteracy on America, but its deliberately orchestrated causes.

To that end, Phyllis bestowed an immense honor upon Sam and me by publicly and repeatedly saying that our book, Crimes of the Educators, should be read by everyone. She also said publicly that it was required reading for Eagle Forum leaders, another immense honor for both of us. Sam passed last year, but he, too, always loved and admired Phyllis.

Her own efforts in education were powerful and immensely important. She worked tirelessly to make sure her own six children, and kids all across the nation she loved, would be able to learn how to read. She always said it was important to teach kids phonics properly before they were damaged by government schools and the quack “teaching” methods used there, which were first exposed as a dangerous fraud more than 150 years ago.

Always fearless, Phyllis always presented the truth, regardless of who it made uncomfortable. She allowed me to present the plain truth on her show, too, without caveats or beating around the bush. Liberals and their media organs didn’t scare her — unlike so many fake “conservative” leaders who cower in fear at the thought of being attacked by the far-left establishment media for saying something controversial.

Phyllis’ legacy of pro-God, pro-family, pro-Constitution, pro-life work has been a tremendous blessing to America and will continue to be long into the future. Whether it was fighting efforts to call a constitutional convention, or making sure the pro-life position was central to the GOP platform, or working to kill the dangerous and misleadingly named “Equal Rights Amendment,” she was always there to fight the crucial battles for the heart and soul of our Republic.

It is no understatement to say that it is in large part because of Phyllis and her efforts, and the efforts of her friends and associates, that America retains as many freedoms as it still does.

It is also worth noting that Schlafly was one of the earliest influential Christian conservative voices to endorse Trump — who is now the Republican Party nominee. She understood the globalist establishment, which operates in both major parties, very well, as she showed with her 1964 best-selling book A Choice Not an Echo.

So even though she did not agree with Trump on everything, she believed he was America’s best chance to take back power from the criminal establishment that has hijacked our country. No matter how much the establishment whines about, history will hopefully vindicate her.

As we mourn and honor the passing of one of America’s great heroines, let’s keep her legacy alive by fighting the globalist establishment harder than ever — and, with reliance on God’s divine providence, winning this fight.

Alex Newman is the Bear Witness Central Director for the NE of Florida. He is co-author of Crimes of the Educators