January 27, 2021

Top Trump Manager Drops Hillary Subpoena Bombshell

Top Trump Manager Drops Hillary Subpoena BombshellDemocrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has been growing bigger by the day, and the Trump campaign has seized the opportunity to show the American people just how incompetent and corrupt Clinton actually is.

Republican rival Donald Trump has pounded Clinton on the campaign trail, calling her judgment into question as well as demanding more answers from the FBI as to why it chose not to recommend criminal prosecution of the former secretary of state.

Trump campaign deputy manager David Bossie released a statement Monday calling for the FBI to release more records on the Clinton email investigation, given some of the very damaging information that was revealed as a result of the FBI releasing the notes from it interview with Clinton.

“Not only do the FBI’s interview notes underscore Hillary Clinton’s terrible judgment, incompetence and dishonesty, they raise serious questions about whether emails regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi were intentionally destroyed while under congressional subpoena,” Bossie said in a statement to Breitbart.

Clinton has insisted from day one that all “work-related” emails were turned over the State Department, but the FBI’s report indicated that several thousand emails were in fact deleted and never turned over — until the FBI managed to recover them.

“Given this timeline and the fact the FBI recovered deleted emails that would have been subject to the subpoena, the FBI should make all of the relevant information surrounding the wiping of Clinton’s server public, including witness accounts from employees of Platte River Networks, which carried out the deletions,” Bossie explained.

It wouldn’t surprise any of us if Clinton ordered work-related emails to be deliberately wiped from her server. She has lied about so many things that believing anything she says has become both unwise and virtually impossible.

The FBI should release all the unclassified documents it recovered related to Clinton’s email scandal. The American people have a right to know just how corrupt and deceitful the Democrat nominee really is before heading to the polls in November.