July 5, 2020

Clinton Foundation ex-CEO Braverman Still Missing After Election

pay-to-playThis video details the complex arms deals orchestrated, in part by Hillary Clinton, that helped to arm ISIS via Libya, in a triangle of guns, oil and drugs.

Former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman was hired by Chelsea Clinton to “clean house” when she noticed highly irregular activities on the part of her parents was resented by the criminals installed there.

Braverman became a target of John Podesta and he knew that his life was at risk, so he resigned. He never showed up for his new post as a professor at Yale University.

It was reported widely in the Alternative Media almost 3 weeks ago that Braverman was seeking asylum in Russia but he has since fallen off the map.

This report from investmentwatchblog.com claims that Braverman is actually in Protective Custody with the FBI, in exchange for testimony against Clinton.

Marc Turi, the Phoenix, AZ-based arms dealer also saw himself being set-up by the Clintons to take the fall and he went to FoxNews with the story but has since disappeared and is currently presumed dead.

Source:  FK TV