January 19, 2020

Push Back America

The Marxist Coup Brewing within our RepublicNow that the election is over, we have protest rallies taking place in a few cities across this great land largely organized by George Soros related entities and allies.

Tell me you are surprised

The purpose of these protests is to further their objective of sowing hate, divide and discord into our communities and way of life.  To say that it is a protest of Donald Trump is just an excuse.  To charge that he, or more specifically YOU, is/are guilty of misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia is simply a label designed to obtain the maximum emotional response.

First, let’s keep in mind the Alinsky rule:  The campaign to destroy America is long term, forever.  Any election, victory or loss is but a milestone on the permanent, never ending journey to destruction.  Tomorrow is but another day at the office, another day of organizing dissent and destruction.  By the way, if you study Alinsky, and you should, you find that they really have no goal, no end game, other than the destruction of America and your values.

Second, make no mistake about how ruthless these people are.  There are Americans who have legitimate differences of opinion from us, who work to make America better for all.  Those people I respect and engage in constructive dialog and action at every opportunity.  But these folks organizing the attack on America and these protests have an agenda and if you or your constructive dialog get in their way you will be dealt with viciously.

Soros and his allies have put together organizations to destroy this country.  Their dedication to purpose is unrivaled by anything most Americans have ever encountered or can conceive.  Their army is made up of hard core leftists or anarchists who exploit any group they can convince are targeted by ordinary Americans.  They exploit and recruit any group that can be divided by identity political tactics.  And, yes, they are working hard to exploit and recruit illegals in this country.  If you wish more details on their organizations look into the operations of the Democracy Alliance.

Unfortunately, our cities continue to descend into economic, political and social decay thanks to years of leftist control.  They are becoming the focal points of leftist progressive politics and these organizing groups.  As the elections showed us, more than political party vs political party or identity group vs identity group, conflict and strife in America is becoming increasingly about urban city cores vs the rest of us.  These Soros affiliated hate groups are exploiting this situation.

You won this election decisively. What did we learn from this election? We learned that ALL Americans, regardless of ethnicity or background or economic status, joined together to repudiate efforts to divide and marginalize us as well repudiate socialist policies.  Minorities that the left would have you believe are permanently divided joined in fighting for their country and their American values.  Post election, 99.9% of Americans are already reaching out and helping each other work for a better life.  When we work together constructively to better all of us, there are no ethnic, economic or social divides.

merrick110716lMake no mistake, the organizers of these protests and any violence they can incite intend for protests and violence to become part of your daily life until this country is destroyed.  We must remind everyone that we will not be lured into violent confrontation. We will continue to work constructively with all Americans to better all our lives. Yet you need to understand clearly that until we non-violently and legally neuter, defund and dismantle the leadership of these organizations, these disruptions will continue and grow.  It is up to each of us to become the activist and work with our brothers and sisters to find ways to permanently counter this assault.  It begins in many small ways.  We believe in free speech but why do we not push back against the liberal agenda being thrust on young people at our educational institutions?  Ask yourself and your friends, what non-violent, legal ways are there to counter a group walking on or disrespecting our flag, our Pledge of Allegiance or our National Anthem?  Are you familiar with the notorious disrespectful protests of the Westboro Baptist Church?  Their rights are, indeed, protected by our First Amendment. Yet many communities have found non-violent, legal ways to make these protestors feel very uncomfortable and unaccepted to the point where they cancel or discontinue their activity.  We need to be prepared to act similarly and swiftly towards acts of disrespect to our values and our country and our countrymen.  We need to be more prepared to push back.

Thank you for making America better!

Lane Watkins

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Conservative Grass Roots Organizer

“This is a call to action.  Don’t leave it to someone else.  That someone is you.  Work to get new folks  engaged.”