May 28, 2020

12-Year-Old Muslim Suicide Bomber was Sent by Own Father

The Democrats are violently rioting to bring this “culture” here.

The left has no tolerance for those of us who oppose jihad terror and the brutal sharia but this? Embrace the hate.

I, for one, will never tolerate, accept or sanction evil. And this, my friends, is pure evil made even more heinous cloaked in “religion.”

By Khaama Press – Feb 06 2017 (thanks to Religion of Peace):

A teenage child suicide bomber, who had surrendered to the security forces in southern Helmand province, was assigned by his own father for insurgency, local officials said.

The provincial government office issued a statement following the detention of the child suicide bomber, saying the child was initially used to gather information regarding the check posts in Helmand.

The statement further added that the 12-year-old Nabiullah is originally hailing from Shajoin district of Zabul who assigned by his own Taliban father to participate in insurgency activities.

According to the local officials, Nabiullah was eventually tasked to conduct more insurgency besides gathering information and was later assigned to conduct suicide attack on Ishaqzoi check post.

The child has confessed that he was forcefully taken by his father to join the Taliban group.

The local officials are saying that efforts are underway to safely return the child to his mother.

The anti-government armed militant groups including the Taliban insurgents have not commented regarding the report so far.

This is not the first time reports have emerged regarding the assignment of children as fighters and suicide bombers by the militants in Afghanistan.

The Afghan security forces have arrested scores of children who were recruited by the militants for the suicide attacks but were eventually released to join their family.