September 27, 2021

IT’S NOT OVER: Chaffetz Looks to Prosecute Hillary’s IT Aide

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has decided to move forward with his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s IT specialist, Bryan Pagliano.

The Associated Press reports that Chaffetz, “who has refused Democratic requests to investigate possible conflicts of interest involving President Donald Trump, is seeking criminal charges against” Bryan Pagliano, and “sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday asking him to convene a grand jury or charge” Clinton’s former IT specialist.

Pagliano was given an immunity deal by the FBI during the height of the Clinton server investigation, however, “he went on to plead the Fifth 125 times during his testimony before the House,” as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Additionally, the IT specialist disregarded two subpoenas during the investigation, resulting in the Oversight Committee voting to hold him in contempt of Congress.

Progressives are unhappy with Chaffetz’s decision, specifically because the Congressman “has rebuffed calls for his panel to look into Trump’s businesses and possible conflicts,” reports AP.

However, according to Chaffetz, the House Intelligence Committee will be handling any Trump/Russia investigation:

Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be a reluctance on Chaffetz’s part to investigate Trump administration officials, and offer salient advice.

On February 1, Rep. Chaffetz, as well as several others, sent a letter to White House General Counsel Don McGahn, asking that the administration protect whistleblowers, noting that they are “crucial to your success and the oversight process.”

On February 14, Chaffetz sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus regarding President Trump’s meeting with Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, at the Mar-a-Lago resort. The letter pertained to the potential discussion of sensitive information in an open area, as well as the use of cell phone flashlights to illuminate documents.

On February 16, Chaffetz sent a letter to Mark D. French of Leading Authorities, requesting information regarding General Michael Flynn’s speaking engagement with RT:

“…the Secretary of the Army informed our Committee that after a ‘thorough records search,’ the Department ‘has not found any documents’ indicating that Lieutenant General Flynn requested permission for his speaking engagement with RT in December 2015 or reported the payments he received as required by Defense Department regulations to comply with the Constitution.”

Given the above, it appears that Rep. Chaffetz is more than willing to investigate the Trump administration. However, with regard to Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, the Congressman claims the Intelligence Committee (of which he is not a member) is taking the lead.

Source: The Daily Wire