October 22, 2018


Many advise the Republican Party particularly, and Conservatives in general, to avoid “social issues.” They tell us that “social issues” are a loser at the ballot box; that they repel “moderates” and “independents” and “young people” – in other words that we should just “go with the cultural flow.”

Author’s Note: This is an abridged version of “Antonio Gramsci: The Most Dangerous Man You’ve Never Heard Of” – one of the “communiqués” from the book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. This communiqué is about the other front upon which the righteous should be fighting, but often have not been – our culture – and something called “Cultural Marxism.” That term refers to the fact that while the enemies of our country were confronting us militarily (e.g., the “Cold War”), unbeknownst to most of us they were (and still are) attacking us from within by degrading our culture. And succeeding.

Many advise the Republican Party particularly, and Conservatives in general, to avoid “social issues.” They tell us that “social issues” are a loser at the ballot box; that they repel “moderates” and “independents” and “young people” – in other words that we should just “go with the cultural flow.” Implicit in this is encouraging us to believe that social and cultural change is organic – bubbling up spontaneously within society and, like a force of nature, something that will run its own course and is unstoppable. In reality, by endeavoring to separate social and cultural issues from political discourse they are seeking to enforce a variation of “separation of church and state” – albeit here as a “separation of culture and state (politics).”

Alas, as we’ll see, there are sound reasons for citing the analogy of “separation of church and state” – for the concept of segregating debate concerning over social and cultural issues from the public square, and from politics in particular, is being driven by Collectivist forces, and for the advancement of its goals. So for us to abandon engaging social and cultural issues in the political sphere is to cede what is one of the, if not the primary battlefield between the forces of Collectivism and those of us seeking the restoration of Constitutional America. To avoid battling in the social / cultural arena would not be unlike if, in WWII, we’d decided to restrict our efforts to only one of the Atlantic or Pacific theaters – one does not need to be even an armchair general to immediately recognize the folly of that “strategy.”

The safest road to hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.

C.S. Lewis

The cultural changes in society, particularly since the 1960’s, have been breathtaking in scope – though largely unnoticed for, like the proverbial boiling frog, they’ve occurred incrementally – albeit compounding upon each other; devolving rather than advancing our civic culture and overall society. And like the proverbial boiling of a frog, that devolution has been planned, part of a deliberate and devious, indeed outright evil agenda.

To put this in perspective, ponder our civic culture between two fixed points, rather than over a continuum of time. Contrasting the 1950’s and today, folks from then would find inconceivable that today the United States of America generally accepts, and it’s political, academic and media elite actually extol: adultery, pre-marital sex, abortion, illegitimacy, homosexuality, welfare dependency and anti-patriotism / anti-Americanism. They would have not known what one was talking about if they uttered “gender identity or expression” or “transsexual.” They would scoffed at the notion that people would (at a minimum) be discouraged from saying “Merry Christmas” and that Nativity displays would be banned from town squares; much less or that K-12 children would be taught about (and encouraged to engage in) heterosexual and/or homosexual activity. My, how far we’ve come!

Consider the cultural norms of the 1950’s – communicated and extoled by the political, religious and entertainment institutions of our society – revolved around faith, patriotism, marriage, fidelity, and a work ethic rewarded by upward mobility, if not for oneself, for one’s children. Back then were oft-heard phrases such as: “staying together for the kids,” “the Puritan work ethic,” “only in America,” “American know how” / “Yankee know how,” “you could grow up to be President someday,” “truth, justice and the American Way” and just “the American Way.”

Yes, many did not live up to those ideals, whether in a single aspect or across several – but they were the generally accepted standards and aspirations – and failure to live up to them was considered a (personal) failing, not the exercise of a “right.” Yes, many were hypocrites – expressing fealty to those ideals, but not living them, and as we will see, the Left capitalized on this, using this hypocrisy as a lever to wedge apart the ideals from what was considered acceptable in the culture – intending to devolve the culture down (one can almost hear them saying to themselves not “what would Jesus do?” but “what does Satan want?”). Let us recognize that even though many did not abide by the ideals, that was not (and still is not) a valid reason to discard them; or to accept as “normal” or “acceptable” the failure (or refusal) to do so. Quite the opposite!

To do so is akin to saying that since all human beings are sinners, we should disregard (if not discard) the Ten Commandments. But to do so is to discard the guideposts, the aspirations by which we can and should guide ourselves, and against which we can and should measure ourselves – toward which we should endeavor to get closer to with each passing day. Like the Ten Commandments, the social and cultural ideals are the fixed lighthouse in place to help guide us through the stormy seas of temptation, and provide us a safe passage to steer through – so long as we’re willing to follow the light. And those higher cultural ideals, including the mutual reinforcement they provide each of us when confronting temptation, are what help us live a better life more in keeping with God’s plan. In the end is this not a better society for all – even for the non-believers – to reside in a righteous nation of high ideals rather than something resembling a Sodom or Gomorrah? Even for atheists, isn’t the non-Progressive culture better for maintaining and transmitting a superior culture to the next generation? And for believers, how can we not consider the current prevailing culture as a signal to God of this nation’s collective repudiation of Him and his Word – something that we need to banish and drive back into the hole from which it’s slivered out?

This last point in turn provides a clue as to why the Collectivist-Progressives have opened the culture as a major front in their war to impose upon our land “Satanically inspired utopianism” (as William F. Buckley put it). Intuitively at least many have recognized culture as a front, for we did hear the phrase “the culture wars” (though not so much recently, to the benefit of the Progressives as it helps keep it under the radar). And even when used, it has been mostly used to portray those defending traditional values and family values as naïve, ignorant Neanderthals seeking to stop the progress of the equivalent of a spontaneous force of nature that cannot be halted (when in reality it was and is Cultural Marxism, a manufactured force of “Satanic utopianism”).

In other words culture – societal norms as to what is deemed acceptable, and what is to be promoted and lauded, what behaviors can or cannot be criticized – can be a Godly force, or a force for the opposite. It can be a defensive buttress against evil, or a weapon wielded by evil – and in recent decades, in the United States and the Western World generally it has been wielded by evil as a weapon. There has indeed been a “culture war” and we have been losing it – largely because, like Satan’s greatest accomplishment being convincing many that he doesn’t exist, we have been largely unaware that the cultural change that has been occurring is not spontaneous, but is instead a weapon being deployed against us – for the wielders of that weapon recognize that success lies in us not recognizing this fact until after the culture devolves beyond possible restoration.

In any society there will be a dominant culture – it’s inevitable – it’s just a question of what it will be: Sodom, Gomorrah and Roman orgies, or Puritanical ascetic, or something in-between. For us in the United States today, the question is: Will we continue to cede the culture to the lowest common denominator, moral-anarchistic lower culture pushed by Progressivism? Or will we seek to elevate our culture, back at least to that we once subscribed to?

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