September 28, 2021

Hillary Clinton Wastes No Time in Politicizing Las Vegas Attack

As the country awoke in horror on Monday to discover what happened last night in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton wasted no time in tweeting an exceptionally hot take on the entire incident. The country needs to stand up to the National Rifle Association, of course!

Clinton, a noted firearms expert, said that had silencers been legal (which the NRA has been pushing for), more people would have died as they would have not been able to flee the scene.

Okay, wow.

First of all, despite the name, a silencer doesn’t make a gun silent. That’s video game fake-life guns. Real-life guns still make noises even with a suppressor. Here’s a video of a suppressed full-automatic gun.

Call me crazy, but unless a person is profoundly deaf they should still be able to hear that.

Further, the shooter was perched on the 32nd story of a hotel, and had a clear vantage point into a crowd of more than 30,000 people. Regardless of any type of suppressor present, people still would have died from the initial volley of bullets.

When a person purchases a suppressor, their name goes into a database that tracks these items. They’re tough to obtain and the government keeps tabs on people who have them. They don’t make the weapon deadlier.

Regardless, it’s incredibly inappropriate for a public figure to tweet this kind of thing before any and all information is known. This is not helpful. Clinton should know better.

Source: Townhall