August 2, 2021

Hollywood Elitists Go Silent on Serial Sex Predator Weinstein

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has admitted to sexually harassing young actresses and employees with predatory tactics going back decades. TruthRevolt noted earlier today that late night talk show hosts almost without exception aren’t touching this story. And while virtuous celebrities are usually quick to shout loud condemnations against anyone to their political right accused of similar behavior, the rest of Hollywood is remaining deafeningly silent for one of their own as well.

The Daily Beast said it “reached out to dozens of prominent actors, actresses, and filmmakers — who both have and have not worked with Weinstein — only to receive many replies of ‘no comment’ and plenty of radio silence.”

That’s weird. They weren’t so silent back in 2003 when they leapt to their feet for another sexual predator, Roman Polanski, when he was awarded the Oscar for best director for his film The Pianist. Why, there’s Weinstein himself partaking in the ovation:

Oddly enough, the only celebrity willing to call out the hypocrisy is Lena Dunham. She spoke out on Twitter:

Now, that’s something coming from a girl who lied about being raped and admitted to molesting her little sister when she was younger. But she’s right about one thing: the gross sexual sins of Hollywood have too long been ignored and needs to exposed. Let’s hope Weinstein is the first of many to find themselves in this most uncomfortable spotlight.

Source: Truth Revolt