December 4, 2021


The appropriate note of the candidate Marta Lucía Ramírez about the twinness of the problematic Colombia-Venezuela and the sensible comment of Senator José Obdulio Gaviria on the risk-sharing between the two countries, are alerts of little geostrategic reality interest for the general public, blinded by these calendes with arrogant brats cynical and discouraged by the gruesomeness of the current Government.

Recently in Panama representatives of the dying Alba gathered to join the regional left in the ideological battle, the construction of people’s power and “solidarity internationalism” the Tricontinental of 1966 in Havana.

In Maracay, members of the Government PSUV were grouped with FARC representatives to organize the strategy of the Communist counter-attack in the region, facilitated by Santos, its government and drug trafficking.

Russians – accused of having participated in the elections of Mexico also-, donated 250 thousand tons of fuel to Cuba, sent tanks to Nicaragua, inaugurated a modern centre of counternarcotics training and a support satellite ground base in Managua and at the last moment, they saved temporarily Venezuela from total default.

Iran, an ally of Russia, maintains in Venezuela a continental beachhead for its Hezbollah agents, a terrorist organization linked to the FARC and both declared enemy of the United States.

Venezuela Vice President el-Aissami, a Muslim, articulated throughout this politico-diplomatic- military network, making his country the Latin American benchmark among Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Lebanon, FARC and drug trafficking, a geostrategic chain that takes advantage of the lack of interest President Trump government has for these Banana Republic Governments.

China, with investments in the region exceeding those of the World Bank and the IDB together, main creditor of Venezuelan disaster and owner of its oil reserves – the largest in the world, considers Panama the heart of its “new route of the Silk of the Americas” and It has already opened its first Embassy in that country. XI Jinping pledged to invest more than 250 billion dollars in Latin America over the next five years, donates military logistical equipment and sold weapons to any country in the area that request or require it. Rigged to the patient Chinese “generosity”, goes their Maoist Communist ideology.

The murdered Argentine prosecutor Nismann, warned that President Uribe is the more serious and only containment of the advance of the islamist-leftists in Latin America where the triangle Managua – La Habana – Caracas, with the support of Russia, China and Iran, is a serious threat against our democracy. In the midst of so many extracontinental interests and with our military  becoming from a national army to a Palace army. Colombia, where are we headed to as State?

Translated and edited courtesy of Bear Witness Central