August 1, 2021

Must-See Moments: Illegal Immigrant Charged With Shooting Kate Steinle Goes Free.

The Daily Signal’s Facebook Live show “Top 10” features the top news stories of the week—many of which have gone either misreported or underreported by the mainstream media. This week, a jury found illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who was deported 7 times, not guilty of shooting and killing Kate Steinle.

Is the D.C. Metro system waging a war on Christmas? The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority chose not to promote the the Archdiocese of Washington’s Catholic ad “Find the Perfect Gift” because it promotes religion. And we address The New York Times openly lobbying against the GOP tax plan in a series of tweets from its opinion account.

We covered all of this and much more on this week’s top 10 must-see moments. Watch the full video above.

Source: The Daily Signal