July 27, 2021



The first Ideological Subversion Plan against America

The Soviet Union dispatched many agents of the KGB (European Communist Leaders) who arrived in the United States several times before the Second World War from Germany, France and England, as a midway to get to the United States.

The American leftist movement was very attracted to communist theories and openly criticized society and the “American way of Life” They have kept silent about the violation of Human Rights and all the monstrous atrocities of Lenin, Mao Tse Dong, Stalin, against their countries and the rest of the world.

The so-called Frankfurt School was an excellent “Trojan Horse” to infest with Marxist ideas the education system, laws, arts, religion, labor class, armed forces, congress, senate, diplomatic services, all levels were gaining ground and today there is already an impregnable bastion of Marxism in the Universities of Berkeley, George Washington, Brandeis and Princeton and in a way we would say that throughout the United States education system and the American Way of Life in many different ways.

The history of these ideas is reborn in the thirties and after a decade of daydreams, the Frankfurt School is heading towards a new goal, to clean up the discredited Marxism and everything behind it as socialism, populism, struggle of classes, gulag, etc.

Using the same procedure but changing the concepts and vocabulary, because it was known that the negative influence of the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin and Stalin had put in in a difficult situation their acceptance as a social system, since there were not people able to accept Marxism as a social system especially in Europe. They were theorizing how to design a society easy to keep in control in all levels but when the group came to the United States, they started to introduce their ideas in Universities and Service Centers like Psychologists and Political Philosophies. They were trying to do Social Engineering, a new concept to organize the society.

These new Marxists were looking for a way to revive Marx’s ideas but with another appearance so that the “dynamic and important working class” could be manipulated without calling it a revolutionary class, it occurred to them to graft Karl Marx’s dry tree with a blooming offspring of the libidinous concepts of the Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud.

This new “fruit” created to poison the MAN of Western culture was the union of Sex and Politics, since according to Freud, the common man lived under constant psychological pressure according to the Freudian conceptual scheme of personality in its three instances : (The real self) and fundamentally obsessed with sex (impulses, id) and frustrations created by social norms of coexistence (social discipline, super ego or super me), this mixture is attributed to a Jew called Mark Hokheimer, who is joined later by Theodor Adorno and the neo-psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, who argues that the difference between male and female are not the aspects of essential sexual differences but are derived from differences in functions during life and that in large part have been established by society and not by nature, which translates into practice that these differences are purely artificial, so to be homosexual is natural.

As we see clearly, treating the natural or biological differences of sex is as absurd as trying to cover the sun with a finger.

It does not seem necessary to delineate between functional biological differences for all the instances of the differences in all species from masculine to feminine in all their functions.

The team was joined by Herbert Marcuse and attributed to him to exalt sex as the central element of the so-called “Political Correction”.

This graft became, in fact, the theoretical basis of the American left thanks to the fabulous welcome given to it by Columbia University New York led by Nicholas Murray Butler induced by Julian Gumperz and Willi Muezemberg, both active and international communists, they had a hidden political agenda and the results, we’re watching every day.

The KGB took good advantage with the before successful subversion job done by Frankfort School. As is known, although officially the other powerful Political and Ideological Subversion Operation began with Yuri Andropov, Minister of the KGB in 1980 and launched from Cuba in May 1980, as we will see in the next chapters.

This new and aggressive plan against the United States was greatly favored by the psycho-social background of German Marxist thinkers and psychologists’ refugees in the 1930s and 40s known by the “School of Frankfort of the Memo”.

The psychologists, members of the Frankfort School and their “Eleven Point” model designed the system to destroy “Step by Step” the United States of America. The Nazis came to power in Germany and the “Frankfurt School” members recognized that they were not safe (since they were Jewish and Marxist) – they all fled to US universities and continued their work. Due to the massive Jewish network within US academy, they all found top positions with ease.

The Eleven Point Plan

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote “The Capital” with a critic point against the social and economic advance in England, France and Germany around 1870-90. The practice of this theoretical approach just were executed in Russia, by the Bolsheviks starting in 1917 but after 15-20 years just got Russia  an internal civil war, misery, hunger, deaths and prisoners. The repercussion of the Russian Revolution gave a bad reputation for the Marxists and Social Democracy Parties, in especial in Europe.

But in Frankfort the Memo, an a group of Phylosophists and Psychologist with Marxist Ideas, designed a Plan that was not identified with Marx’s ideas and they concentrated the “great theory” in just Eleven Points. They thought that if you introduce these eleven points in any society you could change it quietly, in silence, without protestors, without a revolution, including the American society.

This Subversive Plan had hidden the true objective; just the communists knew what they were doing. These 11 Objectives were developed in theory, but – nothing stands still and there is much that is hidden. So think of these objectives in the context of the time they were created, and understand that some of them, have massively developed and changed our world.

In summary, we now know the so-called “Eleven Steps” that they developed and that, generally, the noble and well-intentioned citizens of the United States have not been conscious to interpret the reality of the causes and consequences of the social phenomenon that we are living in, in these last 60-70 years.  Thanks to the American Patriots, the tea parties and the Silent Majority who understood the message of Donald Trump we are working to fix this  in our loved America.

It is not difficult to identify that all these objectives are living and creating different kinds of conflict against all social roles and status inside the American Society and also the Western culture because the communication between us in very high, but we can find that there are exactly agenda that follows the Communist Party and his public branch the Democratic Party like a red puppet.

Undoubtedly, the KGB did not start at zero in 1980, the Frankfort School Subversive Plan opened the door with many university professors, scientists, intellectuals, artists, politicians, military already involved and fierce supporters with the idea of changing the American Way of Life, the representative democracy for the “Liberal Leftist”.

When you read the following lines, you will understand what we are watching, we are living and we are feeling the weight and the consequence of this evil Plan, but the good news is that if you know it, you can defeat every single element of our enemies.

Point one. “Creation of Racism Offense”

Converting racism in a phantasm that you can put in any event, became the victims of the whites. When somebody beside you doesn’t work and you express your disagreement, you‘re racist. If you don’t give preference to the black peoples, you’re a racist. If you don’t like your daughter married with the black man, you‘re racist.

Studies on social prejudice were used to neutralize conservative concepts, Bogardus’ theory of social distance appeared in the 1940s by Social Psychologists members of the Frankfort School.

The Social Distance is a measure of social separation between groups caused by perceived or real differences between groups of people as defined by well-known social categories. It manifests across a variety of social categories, including class, race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality and age among other. Sociologists recognize three key types of social distance: afective, normative, and interactive.

They study it through a variety of research methods, including ethnography and participant observation, surveys, interviews, and daily route mapping, among other techniques.


Affective social distance is probably the most widely known type and the one that is the cause of great concern among sociologists. Affective social distance was defined by Emory Bogardus, who created the Bogardus Social Distance Scale for measuring it.

Affective social distance refers to the degree to which a person from one group feels sympathy or empathy for persons from other groups. The scale of measurement created by Bogardus measures this by establishing the willingness of a person to interact with people from other groups. For example, an unwillingness to live next door to a family of a different race would indicate a high degree of social distance. On the other hand, willingness to marry a person of a different race would indicate a very low degree of social distance.

Affective social distance is a cause of concern among sociologists because it is known to foster prejudice, bias, hatred, and even violence. Affective social distance between Nazi sympathizers and European Jews was a significant component of the ideology that supported the Holocaust. Today, affective social distance fuels politically motivated hate crimes and school bullying among some supporters of President Obama and the left.


Normative social distance is the kind of difference we perceive between ourselves as members of groups and others who are not members of the same groups. It is the distinction we make between “us” and “them,” or between “insider” and “outsider.” Normative social distance is not necessary judgmental in nature. Rather, it can simply signal that a person recognizes differences between herself and others whose race, class, gender, sexuality, or nationality may differ from her own.

Sociologists consider this form of social distance to be important because it is necessary to first recognize difference in order to then see and understand how difference shapes the experiences and life trajectories of those who differ from ourselves. Sociologists believe that recognition of difference in this way should inform social policy so that it is crafted to serve all citizens and not just those who are in the majority.


Interactive social distance is a way of describing the extent to which different groups of people interact with each other, in terms of both frequency and intensity of interaction. By this measure, the more different groups interact, the closer they are socially.

The less they interact, the greater the interactive social distance is between them. Sociologists who operate using social network theory pay attention to interactive social distance and measure it as the strength of social ties.

Sociologists recognize that these three types of social distance are not mutually exclusive and do not necessarily overlap. Groups of people may be close in one sense, say, in terms of interactive social distance, but far in another, like in affective social distance. Updated by Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D.

Bogardous Social Distance Scale

The scale asks people the extent to which they would be accepting of each group (a score of 1.00 for a group is taken to indicate no social distance):

  • As close relatives by marriage (i.e., as the legal spouse of a close relative) (score 1.00)
  • As my close personal friends (2.00)
  • As neighbors on the same street (3.00)
  • As co-workers in the same occupation (4.00)
  • As citizens in my country (5.00)
  • As non-citizen visitors in my country (6.00)
  • Would exclude from entry into my country (7.00)

The application of this survey from the 1930’s to 2005 claim the social distance has being decreased between black and white populations in USA.

Before and after the Civil Right Act signed by President Lyndon Johnson the Communist Party’s Agenda had been creating and reviving all kinds of interest conflict between blacks and whites. Many events with different tones have been increased in the everyday news in our radio, TV and newspaper.

This argument is the most common used by the enemies but they never are fair and never talk about how to resolve the problem with good will.

May You Remember? “The Watts Riot, which raged for six days and resulted in more than forty million dollars’ worth of property damage, was both the largest and costliest urban rebellion of the Civil Rights era. The riot spurred from an incident on August 11, 1965 when Marquette Frye, a young African American motorist, was pulled over and arrested by Lee W. Minikus, a white California Highway Patrolman, for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. As a crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene of Frye’s arrest, strained tensions between police officers and the crowd erupted in a violent exchange.

The outbreak of violence that followed Frye’s arrest immediately touched off a large-scale riot centered in the commercial section of Watts, a deeply impoverished African American neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. For several days, rioters overturned and burned automobiles and looted and damaged grocery stores, liquor stores, department stores, and pawnshops.

Over the course of the six-day riot, over 14,000 California National Guard troops were mobilized in South Los Angeles and a curfew zone encompassing over forty-five miles was established in an attempt to restore public order.

All told, the rioting claimed the lives of thirty-four people, resulted in more than one thousand reported injuries and almost four thousand arrests before order was restored on August 17. Throughout the crisis, public officials advanced the argument that the riot was the work of outside agitators; however, an official investigation, prompted by Governor Pat Brown, found that the riot was a result of the Watts community’s longstanding grievances and growing discontentment with high unemployment rates, substandard housing, and inadequate schools.

Despite the reported findings of the gubernatorial commission, following the riot, city leaders and state officials failed to implement measures to improve the social and economic conditions of African Americans living in the Watts neighborhood.  There are lots of examples, we can watch every minute, we never see the end of this conflict which the journalist, both black and white, all the time are placing the aggressor as a victim, demoralizing law enforcement and reasoning. Following the rule “Politically Correct”

Point Two “Continue Change to Create Confusion”

Presidential Campaign Slogans

Year           Candidate    Slogan

2008          Barack Obama          Change We Can Believe In

2008          Barack Obama          Change We Need

2008          Barack Obama          Hope

2008          Barack Obama          Yes We Can!

The radical Marxist President of the United Stated until recent, Barack Hussein Obama selected his priority message in his political campaign; “Change” because, he knew creating expectation with the change gets support of much more persons, almost without much thinking, any individual can accept a change, the hope to improve, this is part of the Human Being repertory of believing established by the practice of the life. The Hope is an universal concept very wide and deep with different connotation in each personality, but always procures the feeling to improve the status.

The Marxists have used this Human Being natural drive to involve people in their massive ideology and later manipulate them in their political interest to create a false expectation that they could easily get the property of their neighbors.

We now have major pushes to teach kids about Transgenderism at primary school age, which has led to Parliamentary Reports recommending wholesale adoption, mandatory education at Primary School age, forced gender changes against parental will, and much more.

We must realize that this phenomenon has been planned and created by the enemies to destroy us. It has been demonstrated that this has not been a spontaneous phenomenon of psycho-social development, as the liberals want to show us.

As proof that this phenomenon was masterfully introduced, we will read which principle highlights the enemy’s reinforcement in a Psychological Warfare KGB, here are the instructions to give force to the social image of homosexuals.

It appears like this:

“The first measure is to desensitize and normalize.

The second is to insist that homosexuals are victims.”

For what the homosexuals need to be remarked? What damages can they do?

Gay rainbow flags at Montreal gay pride parade with blurred spectators in the background

The phenomenon of the “massive proliferation of homosexuality” of the population has many advantages for the enemy of the United States, morally, one of these purposes or objective is to reach an undifferentiated level with regard to sex, because in the first age of the life, the sex difference need to be clearly exposed, because the boys and girls can get confused for his role and rule. Remember that before the arrival of the Frankfort Group to the United State the elementary school classrooms were split, one-half for boys and one for females, also some subjects were for male while other for female with different content which helped in the early stages to reinforce the identity of the sex of each individual through the membership group, as well as other characteristic of communication between both sexes, the level of respect, chivalry and differential treatment that should establish different behavior patterns within the establishment of communication,  These factors, were part of the foundation of the ethical values that the male developed by the female and the opposite, the female by the male.

When there is no difference of roles, equality is generalized, which is absolutely false, because the nature, biology and psychological expression of each sex is completely different and can be differentiated at any level to be compared, but this is not only, for the human species, all species have biological differences, behavior, needs, etc.

Another of the products that this plan of subversion guarantees, is to create divergences and conflicts in the family, marriages, parent-child relationship, etc.

However at the social level, progressively has been delineated perfectly as this phenomenon of homosexual couples has a need to achieve legal recognition, first marriage and then adjust, all civil rights that this legal union represents in particular with respect to benefits and Inheritance, on the other side, these couples, in a schizophrenic and surrealistic way, want to have procreation and seek in the adoption of innocents who are subjected to bizarre psychological environments and involuntarily become by imitation the homosexuality of their guardians or protectors.

There have been many, as we have seen, the tactics used by the enemy to make sexual aberration an epidemic, one of these tactics in addition to those pointed out above, namely the reinforcement of the role of victim of the induced or non-homosexual carriers, We have been able to observe, the role played by cinematographic art and commercial propaganda have been very useful instruments.

“The first step is to numb and normalize.

The second is to insist that homosexuals are victims. “

“We believe the first thing is to numb the public with respect to gays and their rights. To insensibilize the public is to help him to see homosexuality as a natural, everyday phenomenon and to be seen with indifference and not with negative effect and that does not produce the passion with rejection. Almost any behavior begins to appear normal if the public is saturated.

Each day becomes more normal and acceptable as the stimulus multiplies.

The victims always have the consideration and the respect, then they look for the force to occupy the role of victims to illegitimately obtain the role of victims and to obtain the consideration and the respect !!!

The way to numb the spontaneous sensitivity to homosexuality is that there are many people who talk a lot about the subject in neutral or favorable terms. That talk of the subject is continually giving the impression that public opinion, at least, is not divided, and that a considerable sector admits or still practices homosexuality. We are never even spectators of bitter debates between defenders and detractors who might have served to raise adverse opinions. Whenever a homosexual appears on the scene he is a “respectable homosexual” and leaves an image at least acceptable. But the main thing is to create the monotony of the images until the stimulus does not produce answer, as many say, “until it is boring.”

This artificially created social stratum is mixed with others, the Marxists call it antagonistic social factors, who politically force them to reinforce these conflicting individual interests to create the so-called “class struggle”.

These factors are mixed with great force to create in different sectors antagonistic populations, by conflicting interests, students against teachers, workers against owners, parents against children, wives against husbands, in the long run each day We are approaching a crisis that results in sudden changes of power groups and the structuring of them.

Making Man more and more isolated from each other, because the one who suffers this impact directly is the family and the groups of belonging, who become increasingly difficult to access and maintain their cohesion to survive by its functionality.

The end result of this phenomenon is the loss of emotional and affective value of the human and spiritual relationships that are inherent and developed by Man as a mechanism of integration to social and cultural development.

The State of California has Flag Red in the mind of our enemies. They had been working very hard in the golden state.. They were the first state to adopt the LGBT rights agenda formally into its public schools, as part of a new history and social studies curriculum that will reach children as young as the second grade. In the charter, you will read how our enemies give the important matter to expand the homosexuality in our country. Hollywood and Disney, our iconic entertainment industries are in charge to support the homosexual outbreak in America. The APA (American Psychological Association) is supporting actively the homosexual movement.

The homosexuality outbreak increase geometrically because is supported by the Corrupt Politicians, Leftist, the School System and the Media.

Gordon W. Allport according to one of the brightest contemporary psychologists, a highly respected book ‘Personality configuration and Development’ analyzing it came to this conclusion … ‘The sexual instinct in all biological species is a primary impetus to ensure the preservation of the species, with the exclusion of humans and dolphins, sexual activity is not only a mechanism of reproduction, but it is a huge complex external and internal variables of the individual. Among the external variables are all factors outside the body and mind but determined facilitate or inhibit the sexual instinct and consent of the couple (physical environment, religion, social status, etc) internal factors contain sexual impulses, this bear a portion of purely biological forces such as hormones, neurotransmitters, psychodynamic states, psych toxic, etc. but act in conjunction with other mechanisms and purely psychological character, which carry with them the historical and social character of each person (positive or negative) and project in mate selection and the peculiarities of the sexual act itself.

If we summarize the idea, we can conclude that sex is nothing more than the projection of an intimate event of the personalities involved, where mutual complacency focuses on matching defense mechanisms, psychological needs and even unresolved conflicts that will determine the quality of intercourse itself. The different contributions of abstraction of thought such as delusions or fantasies that some psychologist qualify for deviations of behaviors, such as sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, fetishimo, sexual violence, bestiality, infanticide, are deviance that humans have contributed to behavior sexual, in contrast to other species of creation, as the expansive homosexuality can be taken at all levels that the idea is able to achieve.

Homosexuality can acquire incredible number of models or forms and each indicates that mechanism has been the generator of these behaviors, which in general are nothing but defense mechanisms created to overcome conflicts acquired at different stages of personality development in both sexes, each with their psychological peculiarities.

  • Public-Hidden
  • Activates-Pasiva
  • Compulsive obsessions regarding some thought
  • Sublimated (Jealous and Addicts)
  • Diffuse (confusion of self)
  • Specifies (with one person)
  • Altruistic (Identification with other person)
  • Friendly (Complacency Circumstantial)
  • Sadistic (To produce pain or frustration)
  • Protective (Safety Net)
  • Flattery (Uplifting the other)
  • Superficial (Limited)
  • Repressed (Unconscious produces Addictions)
  • Periferica (Limited)
  • Central (Single point of satisfaction)
  • Transitory (Event episodic)
  • Lingering (Permanent Thinking self-punishment )
  • Aesthetics (Attraction for Beauty)
  • Intellectual (Rationalization)

Many forms or models as individuals may exist, may be say also that each of these models can be perfectly adjusted to heterosexual intercourse, because also each one designs and provides its characteristics historic-psycho-social in the sexual act itself and will also determine if the act is an isolated or stay for longer episode, whether successful or not meet the expectations.

You can accept that the choice of the couple to be determined by the historical configuration of each personality, which leads us to think that if certain variables are introduced into the psychological and social environments, can influence what kind of partner the individual selects or agree to project its ‘Sexual Instincts’ therefore, if we change the way the environment favors certain type of partners we can eradicate social psicopatology we see growing.

Dr. Ed Prida has a Doctorate in Aeronautic Psychology and was a Professor in Military Intelligence.  He worked as a Scientific Researcher in Aviation Psychology at the DAAFAR (Cuban Air Forces). He was a political prisoner in the Castro jails because his actions against the Castro’s regime and now is living in Florida.  Thanks to President George Bush Sr. and Bill Richardson President of  Intelligence US Congress he got his liberty from Cuban jails.  He has been working hard to defend the United States against Communism, writing and speaking on radio and TV. He is a contributor to Bear Witness Central.