August 4, 2021

Democrats Are the New Palestinians on Immigration.

Just as the Palestinians twenty-five years and four significant offers after Oslo have demonstrated they really don’t want a two-state solution with the Israelis, Democrats have now revealed they don’t want to solve the U.S.e immigration problem.

As with the Palestinians, it’s all a shell game.

Donald Trump just offered the Dems an agreement on DACA that gives two million “Dreamers” a pathway to full citizenship after 10-12 years — something not even done by Barack Obama! — and the Dems didn’t even want to discuss the proposal.  All that happened was their increasingly unhinged minority leader screamed Trump was “making America safe for white people!”

Wonder if the rabid press dogs who all but rolled on the floor begging that Navy doctor to say Trump was somehow unfit or senile after scoring 100% on a cognitive test would demand the same thirty questions be put to Ms. Pelosi?

Never mind.  The point is that Pelosi revealed herself to be a repellent racist… or racialist (someone who plays the race card no matter what). More importantly, the Democratic Party unmasked themselves as not all that interested in the “Dreamers” as people.  They just want to make the Republicans look, well, racist and lose elections. Otherwise they would be jumping up and down for this proposal.

Call this “projection politics.”  Play it long enough and you turn into the very thing you claim the other is. Of course, the Democrats have been playing this so long they really could have been called the Race Party years ago.  Other than racial and sexual name calling, they appear to have no policies whatsoever, except opposition to the current administration, no matter what that administration proposes. (If the administration proposed socialized medicine, they’d probably be against that too.)

In this case, they are opposing Trump’s desire to exchange full citizenship for the “Dreamers” for a more rational immigration system that accepts immigrants largely on the basis of skills they offer society.  (This is what “wildly conservative” Canada does, as do others.) He wants to put an end to the ridiculous visa diversity lottery, which is a kind of admission ticket for terrorists, and chain migration. He also, of course, wants 25 billion for a border wall and other forms of border security.

These proposals will no doubt be on offer during the State of the Union on Tuesday. I’m not particularly happy with full citizenship for the “Dreamers.”  I’d prefer what Obama originally recommended, a form of renewable work and study permits.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe the vote (that’s what full citizenship means) should only go to those who played by the rules and waited in line in the first place, like most of our families, no matter where they came from.

But I’m willing to compromise, as are people who clearly have more say in the issue, Senators Purdue and Cotton.  The question is whether the Democrats are willing to. If they’re not, they are in deep trouble because the Trump administration is completely in synch with a public that in all recent polling seeks more restrictive legal immigration by a vast majority.

By playing identity politics, the Dems have won (a little) in the short run but, even though demographics seem to be running in their favor, will lose big time in the end. And not just because identity politics is immoral and discriminatory.  That’s obvious.  It’s because it won’t work at all if the economy continues to boom. Blacks, Hispanics and women are going to work as never before and beginning to see through how they’ve been exploited. Change is happening. The Democrats are in the reactionary position of having to wish for or engineer an American economic failure to make their even more reactionary policies succeed.  Pathetic, no?

But all is not lost for them.  All they need is a little new leadership.  Perhaps Mahmoud Abbas would be willing to immigrate and come work for them.  There’s no one better at obstructionist policies. Of course, he’d have to stand in line.

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media.  His latest book is I Know Best:  How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If  It Hasn’t Already.

Source: PJMedia