August 4, 2021

Unraveling an Eight Year Error

Unraveling an Eight Year Error

Unraveling an Eight Year Error

I am expecting an incredible landslide victory for Trump in 2020 … if idiots like Soros Soros don’t do something really unimaginable in the meantime

I was skeptical of Donald Trump when he first emerged on the political scene during the 2016 Election Season. My wife, an immigrant from Mexico who naturalized in 2007 was a fan of Mr. Trump right out the gate, the moment he said the word, “Wall.” She was brought to the United States when she was a baby. Her parents spent many years saving up their money to make the move. When asked about illegal aliens, my wife says, “It’s a slap in my dad’s face. My dad didn’t bring us here to be Mexicans. He brought us here to be Americans. My dad followed the law and the rules, and those rules are there because it weeds out those who really don’t want to truly be Americans, and those who pose a danger to the United States.”

She had been talking about a wall long before Trump did. Hers, however, was a little more practical, and a little more fierce. She wanted gun turrets, broken glass and inverted nails at the top, and a mote with alligators. The mote, however, would also provide the dirt needed in New Orleans to shore up their levies, and the ‘gators would come from Florida. “Everyone’s happy,” she commented, when I asked her about it.

For me, of the original seventeen Republican candidates, Trump ranked number fifteen … ahead of Chris Christie and Kasich, and one spot behind Jeb Bush.

I liked Scott Walker, early on. Once the Wisconsin Governor stepped out of the race, I had no candidate. I like Ted Cruz as a Senator, but I was not sure he was presidential material … and besides, he’s not eligible. Natural Born Citizenship, from an original intent point of view, requires both parents to be citizens at the time of birth. Cruz’s father was still a citizen of Cuba, and while everyone says his mom was American, I believe she was Canadian at that time.

That said, I would have voted for Cruz had he won the nomination. For the first time in my life I would have voted against the Constitution to save the Constitution.

Donald J. Trump rose to the top, and faced with the reality that despite my reservations about the man, he’s not Hillary Clinton, I decided I would support him.

I lost friends and contact with family members over my decision. When my co-host and co-writer on Political Pistachio, JASmius, kept writing what I considered to be hit pieces against Trump, I asked him to either lighten up or take his services elsewhere. In truth, a lot of people thought it was me writing these pieces, and it was ultimately hurting the bottom line. He departed, believing I was putting money over friendship and my values. Interestingly enough, after a year of Trump in office, I think he has more than proven that he’s not the Democrat the Never-Trump Conservatives believe him to be; but folks like my friend JASmius remain in the Never-Trump camp.

“He’s not constitutional,” JASmius has explained to me. He believes he’s a one-man ruling machine, is the attitude I get from folks like JASmius.

Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary, has been featured on “Hannity” and “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Channel, and other television shows and networks. Doug is a Radio Host on KMET 1490-AM on Saturdays with his Constitution Radio program, as well as a longtime podcaster, conservative political activist, writer and commentator. Doug can be reached at douglasvgibbs [at] or constitutionspeaker [at]

Source: Canada Free Press