August 4, 2021

This Is How Liberals Use Schools To Indoctrinate Children.

Every once in a while the mask slips, and leftists allow some of their true thoughts to emerge in public. In this case, a public school teacher at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, Wisconsin prepared a test that asked students to rate a list of statements on a political spectrum ranging from communist to fascist.

One of the statements was “We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money.” The teacher marked wrong any answer to this question that was not “Conservative/Republican.”

The mother of one student who got the question “wrong” told Fox News that after her son brought the question to her attention, she told her son she “didn’t know any political party that espoused not helping the poor.” The parent complained to the school board, but so far has not received a response.

This is the sort of raw indoctrination of the young that might make the rulers of North Korea blush.

This notion that conservatives wish the poor ill is part of the bedrock of leftist belief. Polls show clearly, however, that conservatives want the government to help poor people with disabilities and with legitimate needs.

They also want the government to stop hurting able-bodied and able-minded poor with a slow-drip of impoverishing benefits that sap them of their dignity and drive. And they want the government to take its boot off of the neck of entrepreneurial class, and allow business creators to create companies and jobs. But of course, that would lift the poor into the middle class, and a lot of middle class people vote republican.

We all know that the poorest people in America are the urban underclass in Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Philadelphia. What do they all have in common? They have been governed for generations by Democratic Party machines. And yet this teacher is telling our young that it is the Republicans who don’t want to help the poor. How much more Democratic-party help can this benighted population stand?

And let’s examine one other assumption behind that test – that communism is the far left pole of the political spectrum, and that fascism is the far right pole. This is another great falsehood that has been fed to us in public school, when we were too young to critically examine it.

The ultimate fascist party was of course the Nazi party. Nazi stands for National Socialists, and they were every inch a party of the left, calling for and instituting government control of the corporate sector, enacting gun control laws, and in general dictating every aspect of people’s lives that they could think of.

Both communism and fascism, the two great totalitarian movements of the last century, that between them have murdered over 100 million people, are movements of the left. Our teachers have no basis for teaching our children that fascism is a movement of the right, let alone that conservatives don’t want to help the poor.