August 1, 2021

Giuliani: Cohen Wiretap Makes ‘Mockery’ of Attorney-Client Privilege.

A furious Rudy Giuliani on Thursday blasted the government’s reported wiretap of attorney Michael Cohen, telling The Washington Post that it’s “not appropriate” and it makes a “mockery” of attorney-client privilege.

Further, the newest member of President Donald Trump’s legal team said if true, it’s “government misconduct.”
NEW: Giuliani tells me he can’t confirm there were wiretaps, hasn’t been informed. But when read NBC report, he was furious. “If they picked up the president, they would have had to notify him.” Said if true, would be a “mockery” of attorney-client privilege and “gov’t misconduct”

— Robert Costa (@costareports) May 3, 2018
Giuliani says he hasn’t spoken to POTUS yet about the NBC News story but is about to call him to discuss…

— Robert Costa (@costareports) May 3, 2018

Giuliani to Wash Post: If true, “It’s not appropriate. I mean, he’s a lawyer. You mean, I call up my lawyer and the government is wiretapping him? That’s pretty damn — I mean, they’ve already eviscerated the attorney-client privilege. This would make a mockery of it.”

— Robert Costa (@costareports) May 3, 2018
Giuliani was reacting to NBC’s report that federal investigators had wiretapped Cohen’s phone prior to raiding his homes and offices, and they picked up at least one phone call between Cohen and the White House.

“If they picked up the president, they would have to notify him,” Giuliani told the Post.

NBC reports that Giuliani advised Trump not to call Cohen after the raids, in case investigators were listening.

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