May 18, 2022

Pence To NASA: ‘Space Force Will Be A Reality’

Speaking at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence praised the White House Administration’s new policy in space exploration, promising that the proposed Space Force “will be a reality” and touting the revival of the National Space Council, for which he serves as chairman.

“As we speak, the National Space Council, bringing together all different agencies of government that bear on this program, and bringing together the best minds in and around American space leadership, we’re forming a cohesive and comprehensive strategy for America’s space activities,” said Pence.

“We’re rolling back stifling red tape so we can tap the bottomless well of American innovation. We’re also renewing our national commitment to discovery and to exploration, and to write the next great chapter of our nation’s journey into space,” he said.

The Vice President described the Johnson Space Center as “a national treasure” and the staff “a national asset” to the United States.

“The most important work and the best days for the Johnson Space Center are yet to come. Count on it,” he told the audience.

Pence also heaped praise on President Trump’s “new vision for space,” emphasizing the increased support and budget for NASA projects and space exploration.

“These projects, as you all well know, are emblematic of American leadership in the cosmos,” he said.

“Our administration, as we speak, is working with the Congress to give NASA the funding you need to ensure that these new space pioneers are given the freedom and flexibility to be able to develop what they should develop, and make it a smooth transition to an exciting future of collaboration,” he said later.

Pence also touched on the space defense project that was promised by President Trump.

“And the United States Department of Space Force will be a reality by the year 2020,” he said to applause.

Watch the speech below:


Source: The Daily Wire