August 2, 2021

Ben Shapiro Election Special: Shapiro Lays Out Case Against Democrats’ ‘Manipulative’ Handling Of Kavanaugh Accusations.

In the first of a series of specials on Fox News leading up to the midterm election, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro jumped right into the most controversial and heated issue dominating headlines: the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh given to the FBI by the Democrats in the eleventh hour of the confirmation process.

“Maybe Ford is telling the truth; it’s quite possible. Maybe she isn’t,” says Shapiro. “But the manipulative way Democrats have played this entire scenario suggests that this is a political hit, pure and simple, at least from their viewpoint.”

Shapiro begins by describing the political moment in which we find ourselves: “One of the most important election cycles of our lifetime,” which will determine if Trump has allied or opponents in Congress, if the “unending investigations” will continue, and if “President Trump gets to shape the Supreme Court with more judicial picks.” It’s that last issue, says Shapiro, that has become the most intense. Democrats, Shapiro explains, are desperate to delay Kavanaugh’s nomination until after the midterms, hoping to secure a majority in the Senate so they can thwart Trump’s second conservative nominee.

“Until last week, that task looked impossible,” says Shapiro. “Then the Democrats played the dirtiest trick imaginable. Six days after the initial Senate Judiciary Committee hearings about Kavanaugh ended, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California issued a bombshell announcement: an anonymous woman had made unspecified allegations about Kavanaugh that she had referred to the FBI. Just four days later, and four days before Kavanaugh’s scheduled Judiciary Committee vote, the woman at issue, Christine Blasey Ford, came forward.”

Ford says that when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17, he attempted to force himself on her in a room during a pool party at an unspecified place and time. Ford adds that Kavanaugh’s classmate Mark Judge was in the room, abetting Kavanaugh by shutting the door and turning up the music, before she managed to escape. Kavanaugh, Judge, and two other potential witnesses named by Ford — including a “lifelong friend” of Ford — have denied any knowledge of the alleged incident.

“So, were the accusations true?” asks Shapiro. “We have no way of knowing. No time. No location. We have no idea how she got there. No supporting evidence, no contemporaneous accounts. The first mention of this entire event was to her psychiatrist in 2012 at a spousal therapy session — notes from which don’t even match her own recollection.”

The Democrats, Shapiro suggests, have made determining the truth of her allegations even more difficult through their overt political manipulations. “Now, listen, maybe Ford is telling the truth. It’s quite possible. Maybe she isn’t. But the manipulative way Democrats have played this entire scenario suggests that this is a political hit, pure and simple, at least from their viewpoint,” says the host.

Shapiro provides a timeline of the allegations and their eleventh-hour disclosure by the Democrats:

  • “On July 30, Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter to Feinstein with her allegations, asking that she remain anonymous. Feinstein did nothing with the letter. She didn’t hand it over to the FBI. She didn’t ask Kavanaugh about it in her meetings with him, in written questions, in public or private hearings. She said nothing for six weeks.
  • “Sometime around the same time, Ford send a letter with her allegations to The Washington Post. The Post didn’t run a story, which does raise the question as to whether they substantiated any element of it. …
  • “Sometime in August, Ford took a polygraph test. Polygraphs are unscientific, and can’t be used in court. And we don’t know why Ford would take a polygraph unless she actually thought this story would go public. … She then gave the results of the test to the Post.
  • “On September 12, the leftist publication The Intercept published a report saying that Feinstein had a letter detailing an accusation against Kavanaugh. The same day, Feinstein sent her letter to the FBI. What a mystery! Where could The Intercept have gotten that story in the first place? No one knows. But it probably wasn’t from Ford, probably wasn’t from the Washington Post, and only Feinstein and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) had the letter at that point.
  • “The next day, Feinstein released her statement explaining that she had unspecified allegations against Kavanaugh. No name, no date, no details. Nothing.
  • “So, for six weeks, Feinstein said nothing. Then, just before the vote, magically, the story happened to leak – and that supposedly forced Ford to tell her story. That’s as manipulative as it gets.”

But the manipulation didn’t end there, says Shapiro. The most “egregious part” has been how Democrats have handled the Republicans’ response. “When Republicans said they’d like to hear the accusations from Ford and Kavanaugh’s response in testimony, Democrats suddenly decided that Ford should not testify,” he says.

What has followed looks suspiciously like a series of delay tactics, most recently including over-the-top demands by Ford’s lawyers, including requiring Kavanaugh to testify before she does. “That’s insane. It’s obviously a poison pill,” says Shapiro. “There’s no legal proceeding in America wherein the defendant testifies before the plaintiff. How can Kavanaugh respond to accusations he hasn’t even heard? …This is just manipulative tripe, and it hurts Ford’s credibility.”

The Democrats are clearly attempting to trap Republicans in a series of catch-22s, he argues: “So, if Republicans asked to speak to Ford, they were bullying her. If they didn’t speak with Ford, they were silencing her. Democrats said they wanted the FBI to investigate. But the FBI isn’t tasked with investigating non-federal crimes, and it’s up to the FBI if they think an accusation merits investigation. The Senate has no authority to ask the FBI to investigate. Ford doesn’t either. Only the White House does – and the same Democrats pillorying Trump for supposedly interfering with the normal FBI process now want him to do just that to send them searching in their time machines for a vague and unsubstantiated state criminal allegation from four decades ago.”

Some Democrats, including New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, have taken it so far as to call on Kavanaugh to demand an FBI investigation of himself, Shapiro notes. “Imagine you’re Brett Kavanaugh, and imagine you’re innocent, for just a second. A woman accuses you of attempting to rape her 36 years ago. Do you call for an FBI investigation of yourself? Really?” Shapiro asks. He then turns the question on Gillibrand: “Senator Gillibrand, let’s say I accuse you, here and now, of eating babies. Human babies. Small, cute, human babies. I accuse you of boiling them, cutting them up, and ingesting them along with your eggs benedict each morning. You deny it? That’s because you don’t care about my truth. You say I’m lying? Well, tell it to the FBI. Ask the FBI to investigate. Because if you don’t, that’s not how an innocent person would act, is it?”

Shapiro then brings the discussion to what he contends is really driving the Democrats: “The real agenda here has nothing to do with whether Brett Kavanaugh actually attempted to sexually assault a girl 36 years ago. It has everything to do with painting a picture; a picture of evil Republican sexists who don’t care about women who are sexually abused.”

The manipulation of the allegations to smear a Republican nominee, Shapiro states, is all a part of the Democrats’ social justice agenda. “But the real issue here is guilt and innocence,” he says. “And in the end, for Democrats and many in the mainstream media, innocence doesn’t matter; social justice does. Justice, normal justice, is about guilt and innocence. It’s about whether you did the thing people accuse you of doing. Justice doesn’t need a modifier. Add social justice, and the picture changes.”

Source: The Daily Wire