June 21, 2024

Far Left Group Spending Millions of Dollars to Fight Kavanaugh Confirmation Run by Former Feinstein Aide.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Senator Dianne Feinstein

Far left group ‘Demand Justice’ has spent millions of dollars to derail the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Shortly after Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, twice-failed presidential hopeful, Crooked Hillary wasted no time and immediately got to work fighting Trump’s next SCOTUS nominee.

In June, Hillary promoted a radical left-wing organization called ‘Demand Justice’ as a new group her pac, Onward Together would be teaming up with to fight President Trump’s SCOTUS pick.

Demand Justice was formed in 2017 with an agenda to fight President Trump’s court picks and is run by Feinstein’s former aide Paige Herwig.

Herwig previously worked with Feinstein to keep Loretta Lynch from testifying–now she’s working to prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Senate Democrats received a letter from far left activist Christine Ford earlier this summer alleging Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party–the letter was given to the Democrats around the same time Hillary promoted  ‘Demand Justice,’ the left-wing group run by Feinstein’s former aide.


On Monday, Judge Kavanaugh told Senator Hatch that he was not even at the party in question!

Furthermore, the only other witness to the alleged attack said it never happened and the allegations are “absolutely nuts.”

Dianne Feinstein continued to obstruct the confirmation process Monday and refused to join Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley for a call with Christine Ford.

Source: The Gateway Pundit