August 4, 2021

Ex-NBC News exec takes over former top Hillary Clinton aide’s liberal site ‘Shareblue’ as CEO

A former top executive at NBC News is now helming the liberal news site Shareblue, which was founded by left-wing political operative David Brock.Allison Girvin, who was previously in charge of NBC News’s Business, Tech, and Media unit, is taking over the site, according to an official announcement.”With a long and distinguished career in journalism, Allison is the ideal leader to bring our vision of Shareblue to fruition, Brock, who serves as Shareblue’s chairman, said in a statement.NBC News did not immediately respond to Fox News for comment.MSNBC GUEST BIZARRELY DECLARES PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ‘MORE RACIST’ THAN NEO-NAZISBrock, a former conservative journalist who evolved into a top operative for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, founded the liberal media watchdog organization Media Matters For America in 2004 and launched Shareblue Media in 2014. He previously described his aspirations for Shareblue to become the “Brietbart of the Left.””I think there’s an opening for a media platform that is openly, avowedly liberal, pro-Democrat, that wants Democrats to win,” Brock said shortly after President Trump’s inauguration.”But here’s the distinction. We were going to be the voice for Hillary — or, at least, a voice for Hillary. And now that we are not going to do that, our approach is going to be to tell the truth as we see it about both sides, not just the Republicans.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS  APPBefore joining NBC in 2015, Girvin previously served as an executive producer at the Huffington Post and Bloomberg.According to Shareblue’s website, Katie Paris, who was the previous CEO, is now a strategic adviser.
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