September 23, 2021

Carl Bernstein: Ukraine Whistleblower Story Has ‘Echoes of Watergate’ 2019-09-22T12:52:46Z


Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” network political analyst Carl Bernstein said if President Donald Trump asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate 2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, it is echoed of “Watergate.”

Bernstein said, “Well, I think the first thing is to find out exactly what has happened here. And if the reporting of Shane Harris and The Wall Street Journal is accurate and it seems to be it clearly moves toward a grievance abuse of power by the president of the United States.”

He added, “I keep getting asked are there echoes of Watergate in this? And there are in the following ways, Watergate was an attempt by Richard Nixon to undermine the democratic electoral process in the United States our basis of democracy by trying through political espionage and sabotage to nominate through political dirty tricks and misinformation its weakest candidate, George McGovern instead of its strongest candidate, Senator Edmund Muskie who Nixon didn’t want to run against.”

“And something in the same thing seems to be happening here, where Biden who Trump and his people said they fear the most in terms of being an opponent has been an object of these perhaps dirty tricks and abuses of power,” Bernstein continued. “One thing Nixon never did was engage a foreign power to investigate a candidate running for office in the United States. It is a big offense if this is what happened, and it seems to be.”

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