September 18, 2021

Mark Hamill slammed on social media for ‘fraud’ comment on Ivanka Trump’s Instagram picture

Mark Hamill, the actor famous for his role as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars,” received some blowback for his comment on a family picture Ivanka Trump posted on Instagram where one of her sons was dressed as a storm trooper. The photo was simple enough: Ivanka was in a strapless evening dress and she stood next to her husband, Jared Kushner, who was in a tuxedo. Off to Ivanka’s side stood a small storm trooper who played it up for the camera. She posted, “The Force is strong in my family.”Hamill tweeted out the photo with the comment: “You misspelled “Fraud.” His hashtag was #GoForceyourself.ANDIE MACDOWELL COMMENTS ON DAUGHTER’S RELATIONSHIP WITH ‘SNL’ STAROne commenter on social media wrote, “It’s a child in a Star Wars costume, Mark.” Another wrote, “Way to attack a child.”Hamill did have some defenders.  One person posted that the insult was not directed at the unidentified child in the costume, rather the Trump family as a whole. GET THE FOX NEWS APP“When did he mention a storm trooper? He didn’t. He called her family a farce, which they are. Don, Eric and Trump are all frauds.,” the post read.
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