September 18, 2021

Surveillance video shows outnumbered homeowner fight off intruders with bare hands: report

Surveillance video released Wednesday captured the chilling moments a British homeowner fought off a group of masked intruders with his bare hands, pummeling the men until he chased them out of the home with kitchen knives.Asif Ali, 35, told The Sun “instinct just kicked in” to defend his wife Charlotte, 30, who was upstairs at the time when a group of men gained access to his home in Rochdale around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday evening. GEORGIA HOMEOWNER FATALLY SHOOTS 3 TEENS IN MASKS WHO TRIED TO ROB HIM, SHERIFF’S OFFICE SAYSThe businessman, who works in real estate and runs a clothing store for a living, said his dog began barking aggressively and he went to his doorway where he found a man standing inside his home dressed “head-to-toe in black.”
“He threw a punch at me and we started to fight,” Ali told The Sun. “A second man came in and I thought he was trying to get upstairs where my wife was. I didn’t want them anywhere near my wife.” Ali said he had managed to drive the men outside when one of them pulled out a sharp metal weapon, which he thought to be a knife but police who viewed the video believe was a screwdriver. When one of the men threatened to kill him, the businessman ran back into the home and grabbed kitchen knives to further chase the intruders away.
Asif Ali, 35, released video footage of the intruders and offered a $6,100 reward in a bid to gather information that leads to their arrest.
Ali released security camera footage of the brawl Wednesday and offered a roughly $6,100 reward for information that leads to a conviction. He added that he fears the men expected a confrontation and invaded his house knowing that he and his wife were home. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP“They knew we were home. The lights were on, the cars were on the drive, the doors were open, and they’ve come into our home armed, knowing there were people inside, knowing there would likely be a confrontation and knowing they would cause some damage,” he said. “Someone out there knows who these people are. They need to be caught before they do it again.”
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