January 26, 2021

China Needs to be Held Accountable for the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic

The Wuhan coronavirus also called COVID-19

Communist China is responsible for allowing Wuhan coronavirus epidemic to become a world-wide pandemic that has infected more than 600,000 people in the world and killed more than 27,000. In the United States the cases have been over 116,000 and more than 1,900 have died. The pandemic has severely damaged the U.S. economy that has entered into recession. It has forced the United States to pass an economic-rescue law of $2.2 trillion since 3.2 million Americans lost their jobs in one week. It has disrupted the education on millions of students in schools and universities. It has overwhelmed hospitals and the health system in the nation.

The Chinese regime did not provide accurate and timely information to its people at the epicenter in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. It hid for several weeks that the coronavirus may have come from the Virology Lab in Wuhan either deliberately or accidentally as some Chinese scientists or medical doctors have stated. It did not alert the World Health Organization, the United States or western nations that could have sent scientists to China to stop the virus before it became a pandemic.

The United Nations World Health Organization is not to be trusted as is it has been widely accused of a pro-China bias and delaying the declaration of the pandemic. China lied when it stated that the virus did not transfer human-to-human, giving travelers several weeks to spread it to other nations before admitting there was a pandemic.

Instead of being transparent, China blamed the pandemic on the United States saying with no evidence that U.S. Army soldiers had brought the virus to Hubei province. Once the United States defeats the Wuhan virus, this nation needs to lead a world effort to hold China accountable.

China will never accept responsibility for the damage done to the world. China is using this virus to advance its geopolitical interests by damaging the prosperous U.S. economy and trying to stop the re-election of President Trump in 2020. Donald Trump is the only president that has stopped China from continuing to take advantage of America in trade and stealing our best military and industrial secrets. China wants a socialist Democrat in the White House in order to eventually conquer the United States. China has many spies in the United States and the West as it seeks to dominate the world.

Communist China, under its Belt and Road economic plan of providing loans for infrastructure projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, is trying to control these nations. China is also expanding its digital dictatorship in the world. Using technological mass surveillance network, China is spying on its almost 1.4 billion citizens. It is done to control and coerce the Chinese by issuing points to each person and businesses too. Those who criticize the regime or arrive tardy to work will be severely punished. China is using facial recognition technology, control of the internet, and more than 200 million cameras to monitor its citizens. China is selling this diabolical Big Brother technology to dictators in third world nations which is also used to spy on them.

Communist China is also exporting and selling its 5G telecommunication networks at cheap prices in the world. As the Trump administration has warned the Chinese 5G networks will be used to spy on individuals and governments all over the world.

China is taking advantage of the distraction due to the virus crisis to assassinate patriots in Hong Kong who are fighting for freedom. The regime in Hong Kong is planning to enact Basic Law, Article 23, which defines treason as opposition to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Washington Examiner newspaper wrote an editorial titled “Hold China Accountable for the Coronavirus” on March 27, 2020. It recommended the following measures that should be undertaken by the U.S:

“First, the U.S. should publicly identify China’s specific coronavirus failures…The U.S. should call a United Nations Security Council meeting in order to point out how Chinese officials lied, covered up, and failed to act. U.S. officials should point out the lies China was telling the world even as the virus was spreading.

Second, the Trump administration should fit Xi’s deception on this issue into a broader pattern of deceptions and educate the nations of the world as to China’s broader international strategy of offering beneficial compromises in public while pursuing a unilateral agenda in private at their expense.

Communist China says it respects Western values and says it only asks that we respect its values. But it steals our intellectual property, ignores its treaty commitments (as in Hong Kong), and seeks to purchase the loyalty of Western sports, media, and entertainment industries. It also bears mentioning that China throws millions of its own citizens in Xinjiang province into concentration camps to eradicate any trace of political independence and of their Islamic faith.

The Trump administration can do more. It should step up its efforts to persuade major American companies to move their supply chains out of China and into friendlier low-cost nations such as India and Vietnam. The U.S. should also move far more actively to sanction global multinational companies that deal with China’s technology and military industries.

In short, China must suffer severe consequences for its actions, but more importantly, for the irresponsibility underlying them. China’s regime, it should be clear by now, is a danger to anyone dealing with it.”

China is an existential enemy of the United States and any freedom-loving nation in the world. With its allies Russia and Iran, China might to go war against the United States in the future. China is supporting the communist regimes in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. It is lending funds to countries in Latin America such as Panama with the objective to make them subservient to China forever.